Julianne Hough Rejected Sitcom Role Because of Dancing With the Stars Contract?
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Dancing With The Stars

Julianne Hough Rejected Sitcom Role Because of Dancing With the Stars Contract?

When they say “sign your life away,” they really mean it.

Dancing With the Stars has made real stars out of the pro dancers. We know they’re all grateful for the opportunity the ABC show has provided, but a source connected to the show told FOX411’s Pop Tarts that some pros have become frustrated about the limitations of their contracts.

“When they signed onto the show they weren’t anyone, and therefore jumped at the opportunity to be part of the show,” the source said. “But the terms of their seven-year contracts and the exclusivity that it entails is keeping many of them frustrated. They have to get approval for any outside jobs, and are very limited by what they can do now that they are big stars.”

Julianne Hough was given as one example. The blossoming movie star started on DWTS Season 4 in 2007. She is apparently still bound to her ABC contract, even though she left the show several years ago. “They’ll approve the odd movie,” the insider said. “But she’s had to turn down other things, including a sitcom role on a competitive network.” (Wow. If true, we wonder what show!)

Maksim Chmerkovskiy, who is also not dancing on the current Season 16, has talked about leaving the show at the end of his contract. We thought that was at the end of this year, it looks like he’s still under contract until 2015. Meanwhile, both Cheryl Burke and Derek Hough have also talked about wanting to take breaks from the show. It’s not like pros can’t do anything off-season — since they all do various TV, film, and promotional projects every year — but it’s interesting to hear how their options may be limited.

Do you think strict, seven-year contracts are unfair, or is that a fair tradeoff for the fame and success the show gave them?

Source: FOX11