Sammi Sweetheart’s Funniest Moments on Jersey Shore
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Jersey Shore

Sammi Sweetheart’s Funniest Moments on Jersey Shore

She may be sweet, but if you cross her, Sammi Sweetheart can get pretty sassy! She had a ton of quote-worthy moments on Jersey Shore, and because we love her so much, we’re going to revisit some of her funniest!

At the start of Season 3, it was SamRon against the world, as the two had chosen the big triple room upstairs at the Shore house, messing up the living situation for everyone, especially Mike. To make things worse, Sammi was an outcast from the clique of girls, due in part to her ongoing feud with JWOWW and rather saucy reception for the newest roommate, Deena Nicole.

Even though it was hard to watch Sammi and the girls fight, it did provide a bunch of funny moments. When Deena first entered the house with her girl Snooki, Sammi was the first to dub her a “meatball,” coining the nickname that the “party times two” would soon take on for themselves.

Of course, since Sammi was on the outs with the girls at the time, her initial impression of Deena was far from ideal. “A walking holiday?” she snarked on Deena’s self-given nickname. “What does that mean? Are you gonna give out candy? Like I don’t get it.”

When JWOWW came upstairs and scoffed upon first seeing Ron and Sam together, Sammi just blew her a kiss and reveled in the attention from her then-hater, and we kinda loved it!

Sammi Sweetheart’s Funniest Moments on Jersey Shore
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Luckily the girls made up that season and went back to being friends (for the most part, as Sammi and JWOWW still weren’t fond of each other). It was much-needed for Sammi, as she and Ron got into some pretty awful fights that season, and her girls were there to have her back. Her moving out of the toxic SamRon room and into the girl’s room culminated in a pretty funny and awesome scene where Sam put on her “sluttiest outfit” and hit the clubs with her girls in search of the hottest guy.

“Hot guys come here!” Sammi called out across the dance-floor, and while it was awful to watch Ron (predictably) get so jealous, it was also great to see Sam asserting herself as a single woman and getting back at him a bit for his Miami indiscretions.

When Mike wanted to “give a trophy” to the person that did the least in the house all summer during an awkward Sunday Dinner, Sammi simply and awesomely stated, “I don’t give a f-ck,” even though she hadn’t specifically been called out!

Sammi Sweetheart’s Funniest Moments on Jersey Shore
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Other notable Sammi quotes include:

To Ronnie: “Gym, tan, smush, huh?”

To JWOWW: “I yanked some bitch’s hair for you.”

“This is probably the best accomplishment I’ve had in a long time. To kick the sh-t out of Jenni.”

“I’m the sweetest bitch you’ll ever meet, but do not f-ck with me.”

Hah, we love you, Sammi!

Do you have a favorite Sammi Sweetheart quote? What do you think was her best moment on Jersey Shore? Share below!

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