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The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead Season 3: Is Andrea Going to Die?

UPDATE: Yep, she died. We thought she'd live, or at least kill The Governor, but Milton turned and bit her on the Season 3 finale. Alas for Andrea.

Original story:

Will Andrea die? Should Andrea die? When we left her on The Walking Dead Season 3, Episode 14, "Prey," she was tied up in The Governor's torture chamber in Woodbury.

In the comics, as The Hollywood Reporter noted in an interview with comic book writer/TV executive producer Robert Kirkman, Michonne is the one who is abused in The Gov's "rape room." We thought Maggie might take Michonne's place in her Woodbury storyline earlier this season, but now Andrea is there. "The way this season was laid out it fell into place that Andrea was going to have to fall prey to the Governor in a pretty serious way," Kirkman said. "We're seeing that now. It's really about her being very focused on what's going on with this conflict and worrying about if she can save Woodbury and the prison. It's really closed her window of escape and led her to this point. It's going to be a rough time for Andrea."

Credit: Gene Page/AMC    

However, don't think this means The Gov hates Michonne any less. There's enough to go around. "The Governor is hitting a new level of his dastardliness and there's still a little bit of room to go from here," Kirkman said. THR asked if we could see both Michonne and Andrea in the torture room. "It's entirely possible," Kirkman said, which is what he always says. He's never definitive on anything! "There's no limit to the lengths that this guy will go to. He's thrown all caution to the wind here in these final days leading up to the conflict. Things could get pretty terrible moving forward."

Will Team Prison save Andrea? Do you think they should? "We'll be seeing how they deal with the Governor in our very next episode," Kirkman said. "Rick has got a lot on his plate but her current whereabouts will definitely be something that he would want to check into. Rick and the group are very much of the mind that Andrea is firmly on the side of Woodbury and is going to be on that side of the conflict moving forward."

If they think Andrea is Team Woodbury, would they really make saving her a priority? But Milton seems to be waking up, so perhaps he can save Andrea. Or maybe … Merle will? Honestly, it's looking worse for Merle (and probably Milton, among others) than Andrea, just based on some spoilers/rumors out there. Andrea lasts a LOT longer than this in Kirkman's comics — in fact she's still alive there — but the AMC show has not been shy to completely change things as they go. Heck, the Dixons aren't even in the comics.

What do you think will happen to Andrea? Do you want Blondie to survive into Season 4 or would you be OK with her death?

Source: The Hollywood Reporter

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