Carl Goes Rogue on The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale! Future Governor?
Credit: Gene Page/AMC    
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The Walking Dead

Carl Goes Rogue on The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale! Future Governor?

Chilling. Carl not only killed a kid he didn’t need to kill on The Walking Dead Season 3 finale — Episode 16, "Welcome to the Tombs" — he then rationalized what happened. He didn’t apologize. He deflected blame, then tried to blame his father for not doing something as cold-blooded. Is Carl a scary future dictator, or does he have the right idea when it comes to handling life in the zombie apocalypse?

After The Governor’s prison attack, a young guy — maybe a teenager — approached Carl and Hershel in the woods. He was told to put his gun down. He was doing that, when Carl shot him. Carl looked shocked by what he did, but inside the prison, Carl said he took out one of the Governor’s “soldiers.” Hershel called him out, saying he wasn’t a soldier. He was a kid running away. “He gunned that kid down.” Rick didn’t want to believe that Carl wrongfully shot the kid, so he talked to Carl outside. “He had a gun,” Carl said. “Was he handing it over?” Rick asked. “He had just attacked us,” Carl insisted. “Was he handing it over?” Rick repeated. “I couldn’t take the chance,” Carl said, then started his blame deflection. “I didn’t kill the walker who killed Dale, look what happened. You didn’t kill Andrew, and he came back and killed mom. You were in a room with The Governor and you let him go, and then he killed Merle. I did what I had to do. Now go. So he doesn’t kill any more of us.”

Yikes. Is he on a path to be the next Governor … or do you think this is how people have to be in the zombie apocalypse? At least Carl acted quickly, unlike Rick who tends to make decisions and then change his mind a minute later.