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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Andy Dick Is Prom King (PHOTO)

While the 11 remaining Dancing With the Stars 2013 couples battle it out for the titles of Prom King and Queen during Monday night’s Prom-themed extravaganza, one Season 16 contestant has already won the esteemed title of Prom King — Andy Dick!

Believe it or not, the class clown and theater buff was elected homecoming king his senior year at Joliet West High School in 1983, and we have the photographic evidence to prove it. We have to say, the crown looks nice on him. As for the giant 80s glasses? Not so much.

Now Andy has the chance to be crowned Prom King for a second time. That is, if the Dancing With the Stars viewers decide his Cha-Cha-Cha was crown-worthy. After a delightfully wacky Jazz number, Andy is a little nervous about his Week 3 routine.

"The next one's scaring me because it's Cha-Cha,” Andy told E! News. “This one was all fun and games and all. Yeah, we had fun. I got to kind of act and distract people. Cha-Cha's not so easy."

His pro partner Sharna Burgess recently told On the Red Carpet, "It's a very technical dance, so it is going to be a difficult week for us — there's going to be a lot of hours and a lot going into it, but I've got another really fun character for Andy to play. We've not got your average prom story going on!” Andy then covered the mic so she couldn't give too much away. "People are going to love it," Sharna dished.

Apparently, they aren't going down the randy road with this prom story, but it's more about a boy's fantasy of his ideal woman. Weird Science, anyone?