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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kenya Moore Kicks Porsha Stewart Out of Her Party: Do You Agree?

In The Real Housewives of Atlanta Season 5 finale that we’ve all been waiting for, Kenya Moore got her revenge by kicking Porsha Stewart out of her party after Porsha decided not to dress as Halle Berry from B*A*P*S, as Kenya had asked her to do.

Porsha wasn’t at the party for five minutes before Kenya brought her beefy security guards over to give her the boot, and she revealed that she was actually embarrassed for Kenya and her ridiculous behavior.

And even though Kenya justified her actions by saying that she had designed a whole program around Porsha’s B*A*P*S costume, the rest of the H’wives thought Kenya was being crazy and followed P outside.

After a “half-assed” apology from Kenya and a shouting match between her assistant, Brendan, and Kordell, the ladies finally made their way back inside. In a surprising twist, NeNe Leakes talked some sense into Kenya and told her to be the bigger person and not “burn bridges.”

NeNe’s pep talk did the trick, and Kenya was able to truly apologize to Porsha and get on with her party.

Do you think Kenya overreacted, or was she right to be mad?