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Once Upon a Time

Once Upon a Time Season 2 Finale Spoiler: Why Is Neal With [SPOILER]?

Once Upon a Time Season 2 has introduced us to a lot of new characters. Now, based on new spoiler photos from set, we know four of those characters interact in the finale — and while three of them make perfect sense, the inclusion of the fourth is a real head scratcher.

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In the set photos, which you can see here, we see that Mulan (Jamie Chung), Aurora (Sarah Bolger), and Prince Philip (Julian Morris) are all back ... and they're hanging out with Nealfire (Michael Raymond-James). What the what?

Before we get to the Nealfire bit, let's state the obvious: It would appear that Mulan and Aurora have found a way to rescue Prince Philip from his Wraith-induced near-death. We're not exactly shocked by that turn of events. We just hope we get to see the rescue on screen!

Okay, so now that we've gotten that out of the way, let's focus on the real WTF part of these pics: Why is Neal there? Does he have any connection to these characters? From everything we know, it looks like most of the cast probably heads to Neverland in the finale. But how does this scene factor in?

Does Neal head back to the Enchanted Forest for some reason? Do Mulan/Aurora/Philip somehow end up in Neverland? How does the fact that Dylan Schmid, a.k.a. Young Baelfire, is back on set factor in? We'd speculate, but honestly, we're pretty stumped on this one.

We will note that if Neal is separated from the main group (for instance, if he does wind up in Fairytale Land), that would be an easy explanation for why Michael Raymond-James finished filming before the rest of the cast. If his scenes are separate, he very well could have wrapped up early for simple scheduling reasons.

As a side note, it looks like Mulan isn't played by Jamie Chung in these photos. But don't take that to mean they've recast her. Although showrunner Adam Horowitz wouldn't comment on these photos or even whether or not the characters are coming back, he did note that there's been no recasting, and every actor has stunt doubles and stand ins.

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