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Revenge Live Chat: Season 2, Episode 18: “Masquerade”

Attention Revenge fans: You are cordially invited to a masquerade ball tonight, March 31, at the home of Victoria and Conrad Grayson. Please arrive promptly at 9 p.m. ET. Dress code: Black tie. Masks required.

As you waltz through tonight's all-new episode, keep your eyes peeled for Victoria Grayson's secret love child. We don't know his identity yet, but chances are he's been "masquerading" around the Hamptons this whole time, unbeknownst to even the most seasoned of Revengers. But Emily Thorne's on the scene, and she's determined to exploit this fresh little morsel with her usual flair, to quote our favorite loose-lipped jailbird, Mason Treadwell.

As for us, we'll be offering our observations, theories, and judgments with our usual flair. Join Wetpaint Entertainment as we live chat "Masquerade" and keep refreshing for more updates and join the conversation in the comments.

9:02 — Whoa, Nolan Ross has gone all A Beautiful Mind!

9:03 — Ems, can you also get Nolan some shampoo and moisturizer? Woof.

9:05 — It's not a real party until your illegitimates RSVP!

9:11 — Sorry, Connie. Behind every great man is a woman. Victoria Grayson 2016!

9:13 — Phew, thank goodness Nolan took a shower. We really weren't digging his crazy mathematician look.

9:23 — Masks? Mysterious notes? Can't wait until the entire cast breaks out into song, Phantom of the Opera-style!

9:30 — The pregnancy wasn't terminated, but looks like your run for governor might be!

9:32 — Let the masquerade commence!

9:34 — Hide your jewels, hide your lobsters. Declan Porter's in the house!

9:37 Is Victoria losing her touch?! Looks like she's gonna need a much bigger mask to hide her embarrassment.

9:42 — Brb, can't type through the tears. We're ugly-crying so hard right now.

9:48 — Can't wait for the mystery man to pull off his mask, look Victoria in the eye and say, "I'm Chuck Bass."

9:53 — Gov. Connie is really rocking that J. Crew cardigan.

9:56 — Has hell frozen over or did Jack and Ashley just team up?

9:57 — Plead the 5th, Nolan! Plead the 5th!

9:59 — We really hope Emily is pregnant, otherwise there's no excuse for that hideous jacket.

04.1.2013 / 05:43 AM EDT by Lindsay Dreyer
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