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Revenge Season 2: Is Victoria Grayson’s First Son Alive?

Forty years ago, 16-year-old Victoria Grayson got pregnant from one of her mother’s perverted boyfriends. In Revenge Season 2, Episode 18, “Masquerade,” Victoria tells Conrad that she had an abortion and ended the pregnancy early.

But we later learn that Victoria found refuge at a Catholic school where a nun agreed to take in the child and keep his mother’s identity a secret.

Sister Rebecca Gallagher also vowed to never tell Victoria what became of her first born son. But after Conrad starts doubting Victoria’s abortion story, the Ice Queen decides to make sure that this holy vow is still intact.

Credit: STILL    

She visits the sister to make sure that her secret is safe.

“I kept those promises, Victoria,” the nun says. “Even when he came for you those years ago, and he hasn’t come again.”

“When you saw him, did he seem happy?” Victoria asks.

“He was a young man looking for his mother, which his a quest of hope. So take from that what you will,” she replies.

So Victoria’s son is still out there, and at one point had been searching for his mother. And if he’s looking, that means Emily Thorne might be just the person to answer his questions.

And speaking of Ms. Thorne, it seems she’s suddenly “with child.” The Revenger donned a hideous olive green coat with the hood up to seek out the sister’s help. Claiming to be pregnant, Ems will now work her way into the nun’s good graces and closer to details on Victoria’s son.

Are you surprised he’s still out there? Tell us below!

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