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The Walking Dead

The Governor Is Alive After The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale: Are You Mad?

Um, what happened to our satisfying ending to this chapter of Rick's story?

A bunch of Woodbury people died on The Walking Dead Season 3 finale — Episode 16, "Welcome to the Tombs — and most of them died at The Governor's hand. But at the end of the episode, The Governor was apparently still alive out there, even as remaining Woodbury folks moved into the prison. We had a poll about who should kill The Governor, from Michonne to Maggie to Andrea, Daryl or Rick. It would've been great to see Andrea kill him, to get the redemption she deserved. Instead, her passing was sad, but not as redeeming as Merle's was. At least Merle died trying to kill The Governor. Same with Milton. Andrea died because she took too dang long with those pliers.

Should The Governor have died on the finale? Are you glad he's apparently sticking around for Season 4?

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