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The Walking Dead

Who Died on The Walking Dead Season 3 Finale?

It's supposed to be a barnburner of a finale for The Walking Dead! (Forgive the expression — we know Hershel's barn burned down a season ago.) And the body count is gonna be astronomical. So in case you were covering your eyes during the carnage, we've got the obituaries for the episode right here! We'll be updating this list throughout the hour with the characters who bit the dust (or just plain got bit).

  • Milton Mamet: Woodbury's resident scientist came afoul of the Governor last episode by talking to Andrea, but in this chapter, he tried to stab the Governor. He failed — but the Gov didn't, impaling Milton.
  • Woodbury soldier: Carl shot and killed a young Woodbury soldier as the guy was trying to surrender — to Hershel's disgust.
  • Allen: After the Governor killed most of his soldiers as they tried to desert, Tyreese's friend Allen raised his gun to him, and the Governor shot Allen in the head.
  • Andrea: Our heroes got to Woodbury just in time to say goodbye to Andrea, who had been bitten by zombified Milton before she was able to unbind herself and kill him. Everyone left Andrea alone except Michonne, who stayed with her as Andrea took her own life.

04.1.2013 / 06:21 AM EDT by Dan Clarendon
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