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The Kardashians

Would Kourtney Kardashian’s Kids Be Better Off Without Scott Disick?

After recent claims from model Michael Girgenti fueling a wildfire of rumors as to the true paternity of Mason Disick, the question that remains is would Kourtney Kardashian and her kids be better off if Scott weren't involved?

Beyond the fact that Scott is basically the worst in every conceivable way, In Touch ran down 4 reasons as to why Scott will not be winning Father of the Year anytime soon:

1. PartyBoy

Scott's clearly demonstrated that he'd rather be out and at the clubs instead of putting the kids to bed.

2. Angry Much?

His temper has always lurked in the background. Whether it's him punching a mirror out during a fight with Kourtney or just the constant bullying of Kourtney over her weight, he clearly has a problem relating with people.

3. No Help

For anyone who pays attention, Scott clearly leaves the bulk of the parenting to Kourtney as he opts to be anywhere but home and do anything but the nitty gritty of parental supervision.

4. Selfish

Whether it's him buying new toys like his Audi R8 or just constantly looking out only for himself in every situation, Scott clearly is concerned foremost with himself.

What do you think? Would Mason and Penelope be better off?

Source: In Touch