Angie Miller Says It’s Hard to Hear Judges Say “Bad Things” About Her
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American Idol

Angie Miller Says It’s Hard to Hear Judges Say “Bad Things” About Her

Angie Miller has been a favorite of the American Idol judges and fans since she first auditioned for Season 12. Living up to the pressure of being a frontrunner on a show like Idol isn’t easy, however. One bad night, like Angie’s performance last week, can shake even the strongest contestant’s confidence.

After the harsh criticism from the judges last week, Angie said in a press interview that it was difficult to have the judges be negative about her performance, but it’s all about what American thinks in the end.

Q: How are you feeling?

A: I had fun on stage, even though the judges didn't have the greatest feedback. I was still myself and I hopeAmerica liked it.

WP: You seemed to get a little choked-up up there, was it difficult because this was your first negative response from the judges?

A: A little but this is the first time I've had harsh comments from the judges, so it takes you aback and you are like, “Oh wait, snap. This is a competition.” They just didn't like it this week. Hopefully they'll like it next week if I'm still here.

Q: Nicki said you were trying to be sexy, but I feel that is just you and it comes out when you hit the stage, it's not like you're trying, how did you feel about that?

A: I think that the most hurtful comment the judges gave was that they thought I wasn't being me—I was. I would never go on stage not being me, so…

Q: What did you think about getting to perform in the group tonight?

A: I loved that and that we were being judged on group numbers now. It's like you can interact with the people and have fun. I can't wait to do duets, that's awesome.

Q: What if you blow your voice out during the group number and then you have to do your big solo thing?

A: Secretly that did happen. (Laughs) It's tough doing the group number first because you just want to focus on your solo, so it's definitely hard. You just have to not give… I do know, just not go so high and do those crazy things on the group song and save it for the solo.

Q: Do you think they should do the solos first and then the group numbers?

A: I guess but you can't help it.

Q: Was it easy to learn the group performance because the guys kind of threw each other under the bus?

A: Yeah… You think that you have enough time to go over all the stuff, then you get on stage and after everything that's happened this week you go into crazy mode. I don't know if you noticed but I messed up my lyrics, I completely messed up. It was so bad and I can't wait to watch it back and just laugh at myself. I did it in the 2nd verse I completely screwed it up.

Q: Did it throw you off a little bit and make you up and down and be a little pitchy as they said?

A: I just can't wait to listen to it back and see what it was like… Actually in the performance I loved it and it felt good.

Q: Nicki seemed especially harsh tonight and intense when she didn't like something, more so than normal did you feel that?

A: Yeah, I mean I felt it anyway because it was the first time they have ever said bad things to me, so yes it was hard.

WP: Did any of the contestants say anything to you afterwards to help you through your first round of negative comments?

A: Yes, I think Amber [Holcomb] was like, “girl, don't let that get to you. You go on YouTube and see your video and the comments underneath and it will all be—the judges were stupid.” I was like “I hope that happens and America liked it.” She said, “Forget it you were great”.

Q: What's your favorite American Idol performance ever?

A: Wow, the one I really liked, and it's funny I like this one the best, but when Colton Dixon got voted off and he sang his freaking heart out, that was awesome. He's back tomorrow and I'm so excited. I'm just excited to see him say thank you because he has said such amazing things about the performance I did of his song, I just want to thank him and I can't wait for that.

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04.2.2013 / 11:30 PM EDT by Lindsey Jordahl
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