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The Bachelorette

Bachelorette 2013 Spoiler: Desiree Blindsided by Ex’s Return

Do you remember that time when Desiree Hartsock had Sean Lowe stop by her place in Los Angeles during Bachelor Season 17 hometowns, and that guy showed up and was like “You’re my girl, Jenn-ay. You and me’s like peas and carrots.” But then it turned out it was just an actor and not an ex and everyone was like “AHAHAHA oh no Des got eliminated.” Remember? Yeah, we do too, and it was super funny and all, but it seems something way less funny is happening on Des’s Bachelorette Season 9.

According to Reality Steve, the guys are all not blind, and thus super into Desiree — except for one little problem. Yep, you read that title right: an ex comes back in the picture and it ain’t pretty. But before you get to thinking that Sean dumps Catherine and is like “You were right. I did make a mistake,” it’s not Des’s ex who wants her back.

Credit: Reality Steve    

Last Thursday, during filming, contestant Brian Jarosinski left the show after his ex-girlfriend returned to fetch him. Her name is Stephanie Larimore and besides grabbing her guy out of Desiree’s sporty clutches, she was also once the object of a lot more guys’ affections — including Bachelorette alum Craig Robinson (from Ali’s season) and every guy who “read” the June 2006 issue of Playboy. Because, you know, Brian broke up with a Playmate to try and find love with Desiree. That happened.

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Anyhoo, apparently the single mom and boob-shower snatched her boy in front of a lot of other dudes who were hanging the day after a group date. We can’t wait to see the drama play out in real time, but we just want to go on record saying that if this is the type of guy Brian’s into, Steph probably could’ve saved herself a plane ticket when he failed to click with the much less endowed Des. Just sayin...

Source: Reality Steve