Dancing With the Stars 2013: Lisa Vanderpump Talks Prom Night and Gleb’s Pink Thong — Exclusive
Credit: Craig Sjodin/ ABC    
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Lisa Vanderpump Talks Prom Night and Gleb’s Pink Thong — Exclusive

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills star Lisa Vanderpump found herself in the bottom two during last week’s Dancing With the Stars 2013 Results Show. Luckily, she was saved from elimination when Dorothy Hamill withdrew from Season 16 due to a spinal injury. Now Lisa and her pro partner Gleb Savchenko are giving DWTS all they’ve got. Could Prom Night be their time to shine? We certainly hope so!

Lisa and Gleb are tackling the tricky Viennese Waltz, and despite the Bravo’s star’s hectic schedule and painful bruises, she’s confident she and Gleb have what it takes to impress the judges. And if the dancing isn’t up to par, the promise of her pup Giggy (preferably in a bowtie) making an appearance could land Lisa a few extra votes.

Wetpaint Entertainment chatted with Lisa and Gleb about Prom Night, Lisa’s superstar pup Giggy, and how her husband Ken is coping with the other man in Lisa’s life. (Hint: He’s more concerned about her shrinking figure!)

Wetpaint Entertainment: Lisa, how’s Prom Week? Are you a little sore?

Lisa Vanderpump: I am! I have to say, this is definitely physically challenging. I’ve got bruises everywhere.

But you’re slowing things down a bit this week with the Viennese Waltz.

Yeah, maybe. Last week was horrific! But we got through it. I think we only came in the bottom two because Housewives was airing at exactly the same time, and it was my wedding, and the finale, and the reunion. I think that hurt my fan base in terms of voting.

I have another theory. I think it was because Giggy didn’t make an appearance.

I think you’re right, actually. Did you see Giggy has a full-page spread in Us Weekly? Not me. It’s Giggy!

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Lisa Vanderpump Talks Prom Night and Gleb’s Pink Thong — Exclusive
Credit: Adam Taylor/ABC    

You’ve created a monster! He must be a diva.

He’s a little sex monster. Well, you know Crystal. He’s signed by CAA. He’s got his own thing going on. If I want to talk to him, then I have to talk to his people. It’s not easy.

Now Gleb, what has been the most challenging part of working with Lisa?

Gleb Savchenko: I think we laugh all the time. That’s the problem. We have so much fun, and we have such a good time together, and that’s a problem. Also, Lisa is very busy with work. She has a limited amount of time. We can only rehearse three or four hours a day. Sometimes, I have to be very strict, and that’s when things get challenging. It’s not just about fun. It’s hard work. You have put together a routine, you have to rehearse, and you have to be able to perform in front of 20 million people. But when we’re together, we just laugh and have a good time.

Lisa: I work really hard! Don’t believe a word of that! I work my ass off!

Gleb: She does, actually. When we have our three hours, she works really hard. It’s true.

Lisa: Yesterday, my day started at 3 o’clock and tomorrow it will start at 4 o’clock. It’s hard. And I’ve also got a new restaurant in development.

Are we talking a.m. or p.m.?

Lisa: Yeah, right! I wish. We’re actually in bed now. Gleb is on Ken’s side of the bed.

Gleb: And Ken is in the office.

Has Ken been showing up at your rehearsals?

Lisa: He has a few times. Sometimes Giggy wants carrying, so he kind of shows up. But Ken is okay. He knows I have to work. He would probably show up more if the cameras weren’t around. But he knows I’m safe with Gleb as long as there’s a camera there.

Well, they say dancing brings out your sensual side. A lot of these dances are very sexy.

Gleb: We’re really looking forward to a rumba dance.

Lisa: Oh, no we’re not!

Gleb: We might have it Week 7 or Week 8 if we’re still on the show. And it’s full of love [laughs].

Now, tell me about Prom Night. What can we expect? I know this is going to be a totally new experience for you because neither of you went to prom.

Gleb: We’re going to have our prom on Monday! I’m looking forward to that experience.

Lisa: I never had a prom in England, so it should be quite memorable for one reason or another. I’m excited to go to one!

Dancing With the Stars 2013: Lisa Vanderpump Talks Prom Night and Gleb’s Pink Thong — Exclusive
Credit: Adam Taylor / ABC    

Are you nervous about the Viennese Waltz?

Lisa: We only just started! [Ed note: This interview was conducted late last week.] I got a look at it yesterday, and I haven’t had a chance to rehearse it yet. We haven’t really started, so that’s why it’s hard because you only really get three or four days to practice. I mean, Crystal, if I gave you the Viennese Waltz right now, how well do you think you’d do?

I would most likely fail miserably. I can’t dance. At all.

Lisa: Well, that’s the challenge, isn’t it?

Do you think age factors into this? Zendaya defended her young age recently, saying “I can compete with the big kids.” But do you think she has an advantage?

Lisa: I think her comment was unintentional, but it still didn’t make sense to me. The physicality of it is hard, and every woman over 40 is going to be looking at me on the screen. I’m 52. I’ve always been candid about that. I think these women are going to look at me and say, “Shoot. Could I do that?” A lot of these people are athletes on the show, so it’s probably going to be a little bit easier for them. I’m used to being on my feet, and wearing heels, and walking for five hours a day, but I’m not used to working out for that long! I hope most women look at me, and say, “Wow. That’s not easy to accomplish.”

Looking at those behind-the-scenes photos, your body looks phenomenal!

Lisa: It’s all smoke and mirrors, really. Ken thinks I’m getting too thin! He’s like, “Go and eat a cake. You’re losing your ass.”

Will you be wearing another pink ensemble? Is this going to be a weekly thing?

Lisa: I don’t know if I am this week.

Gleb: We have a little bit of pink somewhere.

Lisa: I think your thong is going to be pink. Isn’t it?

Gleb: You mean my underwear? Yeah, sure.

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