Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Season 16, Week 3 — It’s Prom Night!
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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Season 16, Week 3 — It’s Prom Night!

Are you ready for prom night, Dancing With the Stars fans? Slip on your dancing shoes and tune in with Wetpaint Entertainment for our Dancing With the Stars 2013 Week 3 live recap, starting at 8 p.m. ET sharp!

After a brutal Result Show, which sent injured Dorothy Hamill packing and saw Lisa Vanderpump and Victor Ortiz in the bottom two, the DWTS Season 16 contesntants can breathe a sigh of relief because tonight starts a fresh week full of dazzling ballroom and prom night camp. The leaderboard has been swept clean, so who will make a lasting impression on the judges this week?

Disney starlet Zendaya and country cutie Kellie Pickler have both been in the Top 3 since the beginning of the competition, but will tonight be the night their luck runs out? And will D.L. Hughley find redemption on the dance floor after last week's miraculous save? As for funnyman Andy Dick, will he finally show the judges he's more than just all schtick and no footwork? We'll have to see when the remaining 11 couples take on Prom Week!

Okay DWTS fans, now that you know what to expect, join in on the fun below as Wetpaint Entertainment gets ready to live recap. And since we know you have a lot of feelings (we do too!), tell us what you think of the episode in the comments!

We’ll try our best to answer all of your questions, comments and concerns. Keep refreshing for more!

7:45 — While we wait, check out Homecoming King Andy Dick back in 1983!

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Live Recap: Season 16, Week 3 — It’s Prom Night!
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8:01 — Kym's dress is flawless. But Zendaya looks fresh outta Rydell High!

8:04 — I could go my entire life without seeing the Murgalo ever again. #sorrynotsorry

8:05 — Just crown Derek and Kellie already. We all know they're the popular ones in DWTS High.

8:06 — LOVE Aly's Union Jack sweater!

8:07 — Aly and Mark are adorable, but the Viennese Waltz is not easy. Hopefully, Aly can pull through!

8:13 — Aly and Mark are dancing to Ed Sheeran's "Give Me Love." A beautiful song for a beautiful DWTS moment. It wasn't OMG-amazing, but it was a nice Viennese Waltz.

8:14 — "Up until tonight, I've been impressed with your dancing. Tonight? Not so much... APRIL FOOLS!" Len, you mean old devil. You had us fooled!

8:15 — Carrie Ann wants Aly to stay in character. Len and Bruno think she's being ridiculous. Is Len going soft for Prom Night?

8:16 — "You're only 18, and you've never been in love." Whoa Brooke. Way harsh!

8:17 — 7-8-8, making Mark and Aly's total score a solid 23/30.

8:23 — "This is Sharna's first prom, and she is a lucky lady... because I am her prom date."

8:24 — Andy Dick emotional breakdown.

8:25 — "I want this more than anything right now." GIVE HIM THE MIRROR BALL.

8:26 — Shirtless Andy Dick. That is all.

8:26 — Bruno called this routine "Revenge of the Nerd."

8:26 — Andy Dick just tries so hard, y'all.

8:27 — "Andy, you're like a sneeze. You know it's coming, but there's nothing you can do about it."

8:28 — We agree, Len. Andy is the feel-good contestant of Season 16!

8:32 — Fun fact: Andy and Sharna rehearsed more than any other DWTS couple this week.

8:33 — 6-6-6 for Andy and Sharna!

8:34 — "My prom was boring as s***." Love you, Ingo. Never change.

8:35 — "It's tough being old." Kym and her brutal honesty.

8:36 — We knew that skirt was coming off.

8:36 — The Paso Doble might be our favorite ballroom dance — all fire and fierceness.

8:37 — Carrie Ann says he needs to work on his core. We agree.

8:43 — 7-SEEEVEEEN-7 for Ingo and Kym!

8:44 — We've said it before, but Lisa looks amazing for 52. Work it, girl!

8:45 — THE RETURN OF GIGGY! (Wait, the dog has 70k followers?)

8:46 — Lisa kind of looks like a Disney princess. Right?

8:47 — "Bright and breezy. Free and easy."

8:47 — SPOTTED: RHOBH's Kim Richards! And Brandi Glanville... and Kyle Richards?!

8:49 — Do tweets turn into votes? Only time will tell...

8:50 — 7-7-7 for Lisa and Gleb! Color us surprised.

8:55 — We just want to listen to the way Kellie says "Jive" all night.

8:56 — Derek and his "wasp face." We'd be scared too, Kellie!

8:57 — We're tired just watching this Jive.

8:58 — "There's nothing loose about that performance."

8:59 — Len has just dubbed Kellie the "Queen of the Prom." We wonder how Zendaya feels about that.

9:00 — 8-9-8 for Kellie and Derek. Len is going soft tonight.

9:03 — Um, whoever you are buddy, you're not John Mayer.

9:03 — Lindsay Arnold looks like a flawless butterfly (how's that, Bruno?).

9:04 — Was Victor even in this dance? We didn't notice.

9:05 — Surprisingly, the judges loved it.

9:10 — 8-7-8 for Victor and Lindsay. Wait, did that really just happen? We think he was overscored. Anyone else?

9:11 — Morbid, but accurate analogy, D.L.!

9:12 — Well, in defense of Cheryl. How can you choreograph someone who really can't dance?

9:14 — "D.L. if you're a sex machine, then I'm America's Next Top Model." Love you, Len. Never change.

9:16 — "Hips remind me of child support."

9:21 — 6-5-5 for D.L. and Cheryl. That's pretty low for a Week 3 score.

9:21 — Jacoby went to prom by himself, played pranks, and got kicked out of prom. As if we'd expect anything less from you, Jacoby.

9:23 — This Rumba is seriously sexy. Shirtless Jacoby might have something to do with it. And the Rihanna song, naturally.

9:24 — Andy Dick just mouthed the words, "It was SO GOOD." We agree, Andy.

9:30 — "That my baby!"

9:31 — 8-8-8 for Jacoby and Karina. We love how Jacoby's mom is beaming in the audience.

9:32 — We don't know if we're ready to have Wynonna pour some sugar on us.

9:33 — First it was a 'stache and now it's a mullet. Oy. Poor Tony.

9:34 — Well, she took a wild risk. But was the Samba even there?

9:41 — Oh, Wynonna. You certainly are not a dancer. 5-5-5 for Wynonna and Tony.

9:42 — Did the YMCA really play at everyone's prom? REALLY?


9:44 — Is Peta wearing any clothes? Also, everyone in the crowd is doing the YMCA. We've hit a new low, people.

9:45 — Pretty sure Sean almost dropped Peta.

9:46 — "There was one thing missing from that routine. Bruno!"

9:47 — 7-7-7 for Sean and Peta. Once again, they're in the middle of the pack.

9:48 — Peta's body is like whoa.

9:52 — Zendaya couldn't be anymore adorable. She's dedicating this performace to her grandmother, who was recently diagnosed with breast cancer.

9:54 — Couldn't love this Viennese Waltz more. Zendaya looks like a princess.

9:55 — "I still feel like the best is yet to come." We agree, Carrie Ann.

9:56 — Len would like to see more holds, but que sera, sera!

9:57 — "She's my priority. She's my everything." SWOON, VAL!

9:57 — 8-8-8 for Zendaya and Val. It's not quite the top of the leaderboard, but it's pretty darn close.

What did you think of Prom Night? Sound off with you favorites in the comments!