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Teen Mom

Does Barbara Evans Support Jenelle and Courtland?

Much like Romeo and Juliet, Teen Mom 2's Jenelle Evans and Courtland Rogers are star-crossed lovers. Yeah, Jenelle accused her man of assault, yes, he fled the state, and sure, he hacked into her Facebook account and accused her of sleeping with her bestie (the usual), but these two are hard at work on their marriage! Oh, and bonus? They officially have Jenelle Evans’s mom, Barbara Evans, seal of approval!

Jenelle's mom has been less than supportive about her daughter's fleet of good-for-nothing boyfriends, but it looks like our favorite Boston-native has settled down with a vat of Franzia and finally accepted Courty and Jenelley’s relationship.

"Even my own mother just told me how we need to focus on OURSELVES and our MARRIAGE," Jenelle tweeted to Courtland on April 1. "For HER to say that hassss to mean something!"

Aww, we're so thrilled that Babs is being supportive of Jenelle's renewed marriage! Then again, we can't help but notice that this tweet was posted on April Fools’ Day, so it's entirely possible that Jenelle is messing with us. After all, would Barbara really want her daughter to be with a man who purportedly abused her?

Who knows what's going on, but one thing's for sure. We need Alfredo in our blood stream, and we need it now.

Do you think Barbara supports Jenelle and Courtland’s marriage? Tell us below!

04.2.2013 / 09:48 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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