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“Future Bride” Onesie: Offensive or Adorable?

We’ve seen our share of borderline inappropriate baby clothing — remember those Fifty Shades of Grey baby tees? — but a new “Future Bride” onesie, which was for sale recently on flash site, has thrown some women into a tizzy.

On The Frisky, writer Andrea Grimes takes offense that the “Future Bride” onesie teaches girls that all women should dream of being married, and that validation only comes with being married.

"Throughout history, one certain way to become a citizen, for women, was not to have a job or even have a child, but to have a husband. And to a large degree, that’s still the case. Ask any single woman with an advanced degree, corporate job or religious ordination, and she’ll probably tell you: the thing people keep asking me is but when am I going to get married."

Laura Beck of Jezebel argues that the one-piece tee is ridiculous and blames it for setting back “centuries of feminist progress,” saying that parents should “never, ever” dress a child in it.

One reader, who agrees with Beck, commented that they didn’t see a “future groom” onesie to be had anywhere. “The boys have other ways to establish their identities,” they argue.

Well, that may be the case, but we can promise you, there are some questionable statement onesies for boys available — check out Psycho Baby’s website for products that say, “I drink until I pass out” and “lock up your daughters.”

Shouldn’t these be considered just as offensive — after all, if we are to take them seriously, there is nothing funny about underage drinking or womanizing, right?

We’ll admit, the “Future Bride” onesie isn’t very appealing to us anyway — since the words are written in rhinestones, we’d be too worried about our kids picking them off and trying to eat their bling.

We want to hear from you: Would you let your baby wear a onesie with “Future Bride” written on it? Is it funny or anti-feminist?

Source: Jezebel, The Frisky, Zulily

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04.2.2013 / 06:07 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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