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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoiler Pics: Season 9, Episode 20: “She’s Killing Me” (PHOTOS)

Check out these sneak peek pics from Grey's Anatomy Season 9, Episode 20: "She's Killing Me" (April 4), where Meredith and Derek receive news about their baby, April discusses her “virginity” with Matthew, and more.

Read on for ABC's full episode synopsis.

Upon receiving some unsettling news, Meredith and Derek take preventative steps for their children's future; a group of Syrian doctors arrive at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital for a crash course in basic surgical skills that they plan to apply in the field; and April decides to come clean to Matthew regarding the truth about her virginity. Meanwhile, multiple pre-op patients develop infections, causing one doctor to wonder if she is at fault, on Grey's Anatomy.

Catch the next new episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Thursday, April 4, 2013, at 9 p.m. ET/PT on ;ABC.