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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Spoilers: Details About Season 9 Penultimate Episode Are “Top Secret” (PHOTO)

Shonda Rhimes is notorious for keeping plot lines top secret, but Grey’s Anatomy’s Season 9 penultimate episode is apparently so confidential that the actors can’t even keep their scripts!

Earlier today, star Kevin McKidd (Chief Owen Hunt) tweeted a picture of his script that doesn’t even say the episode number or title — it reads, “The contents of this script are highly confidential and are for your eyes only. All scripts are to be returned to Production before leaving today’s table-read. ABSOLUTELY NO EXCEPTIONS.”

Eek! Hell hath no fury like Shonda Rhimes’ wrath, so Kevin didn’t dare share any other intel, just tweeting, “Look at this!! @GreysABC ep #923 Top Secret!!! Ssshhhhh ;).”

Given how shifty the writers have been about the finale — is there a major disaster or not? — we have no idea what could go down in the rest of Season 9. However, based on this intense script and a few spoilers that have come out about the rest of the season, we’re in for a doozy. Hold on to your scrubs, Grey’s Anatomy fans — this is going to be one wild ride, and who knows who’ll come out alive!

Alyse Whitney is an editor at Wetpaint Entertainment. Follow her on Twitter @AlyseWhitney.