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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Kandi Burruss Talks Lawsuit Against Kim Zolciak, Defends Phaedra Parks

With all of the divorce drama surrounding Porsha Stewart this past week, we almost forgot all about the lawsuit drama between Kandi Burruss and Kim Zolciak! But when Kandi visited the Bravo clubhouse on March 31, Andy Cohen didn't forget to ask her what the deal was on Watch What Happens Live.

Like she mentioned earlier this month, Kandi's motivator was her desire to permanently take down "Tardy For the Party." Every time her people would manage to pull down the controversial song, Kim's people would successfully petition to make it available once again. In the end, the only way for Kandi to remove it was via lawsuit. So here we are.

Kandi added that in order to take Kim to court, she had to use an attorney licensed in Atlanta, hence her choice to hire fellow Real Housewife of Atlanta Phaedra Parks. "Don't get it twisted, all that crap y'all have ever heard about Phaedra... She's a great attorney, OK? Know that," Kandi assured.

Do you think Kandi will win? And, more importantly, how adorable is her new hairstyle? Watch the video below and weigh in!