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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Has An Addiction!

Kim Kardashian is out of control! She’s gotten hooked on something recently, and in a recent episode of Kourtney and Kim Take Miami, we got a look at just how serious has become.

So, what is Kim addicted to? It’s not drugs, it’s not alcohol, but Kim can’t get enough of it: Spying.

Kim got a taste of the private eye life when she teamed up with investigator Jake to help find a missing teenager, and now she’s hooked. Her next target is Kourtney's boyfriend Scott Disick.

After Scott comes back from Vegas with yet another massive hangover, Kim starts getting suspicious about his behavior when he’s out of the house. She has a chat with Khloe, who is also concerned about Scott’s partying ways.

“You know what we should do?” Kim tells her. “I should hire the private investigator Jake.”

Khloe thinks that is a terrible idea, but Kim is undeterred. “We need to find out the truth,” she insists. “It’s our duty to step in.”

“It’s our place if we see something,” Khloe counters, “But we don’t need to hire a private eye. That’s bizarre.”

But, Kim does it anyway! She skulks out of the house to meet up with Jake, who says he’ll need access to Scott’s phone bill, credit card records, and car, so he can put a tracker on it. He also warns Kim that this will change her relationship with Kourtney forever, but she says the plan must go on!

When Kim breaks into Scott’s phone records, Khloe knows it’s all bad news. But when she finds out that Kim actually did go out and hire Jake, and that they’ve been tailing Scott, she starts to get really worried about her sister!

”It’s like she’s addicted!” Khloe tells the KKTM cameras. “She got a taste, and now she won’t stop until she pins something on Scott.”

“I think something is wrong with you,” she tells Kim. “You are getting crazy.”

“You don’t get it!” Kim shoots back, “No one gets it!”

We have to side with Khloe on this one, Kim is a little out of control! Not only is she teaming up with a man who has the creepiest facial hair we’ve ever seen in pursuit of something that may not exist, she seems to have forgotten that Scott is also on her reality show, and his every move is already being recorded. A PI ain't got nothing on the E! camera crew.