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Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 Reunion Part Two Recap: Kim and Kyle’s Drama!

Tonight’s second part of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills Season 3 reunion was every bit as tense as the first, with the discussion turning to sobriety and allegations of abuse. Yikes. It’s recap time, so wash your pillow, put on your matching sunglasses, and start saving for a second horse.

Paul Had Moved Out Before

The reunion picks up where last week’s left off, with Lisa Vanderpump refusing to believe that Yolanda said she’s “full of s**t.” Host Andy Cohen asks Lisa where Kyle Richards ranks in terms of people she trusts, and Lisa makes it clear that she’s not near the top, although Kyle says she’s not a liar.

The conversation turns to Adrienne Maloof and Paul Nassif's sad split, and Lisa hits us with perhaps the biggest shocker of the night: Adrienne told her that Paul had moved out at various times in their relationship. In other words, the couple's frequent bickering wasn’t just an act.

Brandi Glanville explains that Adrienne and Paul's marriage felt like a business arrangement, in part because their kiss in Hawaii was so forced and no, Bravo, we didn’t want to see that kiss yet again. None of the ladies seem to think Paul would have abused Adrienne or their kids, especially since Adrienne didn’t seem particularly sympathetic to Taylor Armstrong during her issues with Russell.

The ladies discuss Adrienne dating Rod Stewart’s 32-year-old son Sean after her divorce. Kyle says she has known Sean since he was a baby and would never have imagined that he'd be a good match for Adrienne. But if you ask us, who couldn’t use a new boy toy every now and then?

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Note to Self: Never Smell Someone Else's Pillow

Kim Richards and Yolanda Foster butt heads, with Kim feeling hurt that Yolanda implied she couldn’t remember about their trip to Paris. Kim feels that Yolanda blames her insults on her accent or even her Lyme disease, but Yolanda says Kim didn’t appreciate her help on the trip.

Then, Brandi tosses out an allegation albeit a gross allegation that there was something on Kim’s pillow that you wouldn’t really want on your pillow, if you get our drift. At this, Kim calls Brandi a “naughty little girl” and says this is similar to how she treated Adrienne.

Brandi goes on to say that she felt Kyle wanted Kim to fail in her quest for sobriety, which Kyle does not appreciate, to say the least. Kyle calls this the meanest thing Brandi could ever say, and says she prays every night for Kim to stay sober. Right now, we’re praying that everyone leaves this reunion in one piece.

Kim says she was hurt by Kyle questioning her condition in Paris and using the word “sober.” So finally, Brandi apologizes to Kyle, and Kim says she forgives Kyle for what she said. Well, those were two more apologies than we thought we’d get tonight, so we’ll consider that a success.

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Here Come the Husbands

Next, it’s time for the men to clear the air, as Paul says he doesn’t blame Brandi his divorce. He says Brandi made comments that she shouldn’t have, but he's now cordial with Brandi and is concentrating on his kids and his practice and taming his back hair. Okay, so he didn’t actually say the last thing, but it's probably true.

Brandi tells Mauricio that no man should speak to a woman the way he spoke to her, and he admits to feeling badly about his tone and for being too “passionate.” However, he still thinks his advice to Brandi about calling Adrienne was sound.

Lisa thinks Mauricio buddied up to Adrienne in order to keep her as a business client — and in fact, Mauricio had called Adrienne that day to help her find a new home. However, he says he didn’t yet know during the season that Adrienne and Paul would be looking to sell their home, although Lisa is adamant that Adrienne and Paul had been looking to sell for quite some time.

Credit: Evans Vestal Ward/Bravo © NBC Universal, Inc.    

Drop It Like It's Hot

Finally, Lisa and Ken feel that Mauricio dropped them as friends after he was done selling their home, but he says he just defers to what Kyle wants to do, but Mauricio says he would hang out with Ken and Lisa in a heartbeat. Do we sense another cute Segway ride in Mauricio and Ken’s future? Let's hope so.

We must say, it was a relief to see all the ladies end the episode on a positive note and have kind things to say about each other. Will this optimism last? Uh, we won’t hold our breath.

Overall, Kyle and Kim’s relationship seems to be getting better, so we hope that Kim’s continued sobriety will bring them closer together. We really want Lisa and Kyle to patch things up once and for all, but maybe this is out of reach. And it was nice to see that Taylor and Brandi both seem to be happier now in their lives than we’ve seen them in quite some time.

So we’re wishing the best to all the ladies until we see them again in Season 4. And we’re also wishing them all new pillows, just to be safe.