Skin Care That’s Worth the Splurge: Our 4 Favorites
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Skin Care That’s Worth the Splurge: Our 4 Favorites

When it comes to skin care that brightens, firms, or smoothes, we’ll try anything, regardless of price. Combine our obsession for looking breathtaking with the cosmetic companies’ obsession to make billions and you’ve got a match made in the poor house. Sure, there are break-the-bank creams that don’t quite live up to expectations, but there are also some that are worth the splurge. Here are our favorites:

La Mer Body Crème
Do your own lotion test between this La Mer lotion and firming cream from the drugstore, and we promise, you’ll understand the expense. This body lotion literally makes our arm jiggle feel less jiggly, and who can put a price on getting rid of fat flaps? Not us! ($230 from Saks Fifth Avenue)

Lancome Absolue Premium Bx Absolue Night Recovery Cream
Once we recovered from the sticker shock, we found our skin was firmer and less flaky-dry. It definitely helped plump up our cheeks, although we’re still trying to figure out why we’re actively trying to plump up our faces while we kill ourselves to whittle down everything else? ($185 from Macy’s)

elure Advanced Skin Lightening Lotion ($150)
It might seem like a lot of coin for lotion, but this skin care system isn’t a multi-beauty-award winner for nothing. It uses an enzyme from mushrooms that really must be magic. It makes our skin brighter and more even, which means we can show off our makeup-free faces more often. Now that’s just plain beautiful. ($150 from LovelySkin)

ZO Oraser Microderm Hand Renewal ($50)
Fifty dollars might not sound like the end of the world when it comes to our beauty regime, but since we usually treat our hands with $3 dishwashing detergent, our fingers were thrilled to get the upper hand in the fight against aging! This old-lady-hands-defying treatment is a total must-have because we’re just not ready to wear gloves every day for the rest of our lives. ($50 from ZO Skin Health)

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04.2.2013 / 04:18 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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