The 5 Best Things About Toddlerhood
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The 5 Best Things About Toddlerhood

Toddlers — can’t live with them, can’t leave them at Grandma’s until kindergarten. Just kidding! We love our tots and they give us plenty of reasons. At the end of a bad day, there’s nothing like snuggle from the little people we love the most — and that’s not all! We asked moms to share their top 5 reasons why toddlerhood rules, so here goes:

They live to love. Even their crankiest day is still a totally love fest — even if we said no to an extra dessert, turned off the TV in the middle of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, and only read four books before bed instead of five. We’re still getting “just one more kiss and hug” before bed.

They say the darndest things. We all know that Facebook basically would not exist if parents didn’t constantly post “My kid said the cutest thing today!” status updates. When she puts her hands on her hips and uses her high-pitched, squeaky 3-year-old voice to say, “Mommy, are you really kidding me that I can’t use your lips-sticks,” it must be posted for the world to see.

They still need mommy for the little things. Yes, toddlers love to wield their independence, but we know who he’s running to the minute he hurts himself trying to reach the shelf we told him was too high. Without mommy’s kiss, a boo boo simply cannot heal.

They’re not teenagers. No matter how sassy she is or stubborn she is today, it’s nothing compared to what’s coming in her teenage years, so we’re soaking up every second while we still can.

They remind us daily how lucky we are. Every time we look at him, we can’t believe that someone actually trusts us to turn this little angel into a grown-up. It blows our minds just thinking that we have someone who depends on us 24/7 — and we simply don’t remember life before him.

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