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The Vampire Diaries

A List of People Klaus Has Killed on The Vampire Diaries

Aw, who’s a cute little villain? Klaus (Joseph Morgan) has a bit of a temper on The Vampire Diaries, which often leads to him snapping — and snapping necks. Before we even met the hybrid, Katherine (Nina Dobrev) was detailing the way the tempestuous supernatural had hunted down and killed her entire family. Not exactly the kind of guy you want to bring home to mother, because he’s likely to eat her right in front of you.

But as bad as he was, Klaus started softening up after his killing spree with his BFF, Ripper Stefan (Paul Wesley). Falling in love will do that to a guy. It seemed Klaus was running out of evil steam as Season 3 drew to a close — but then he went after Elena (Nina Dobrev). Draining her of blood, stealing Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) body, and leaving Rebekah (Claire Holt) to be taken hostage by Pastor Young proved Klaus was still bad to his hybrid bones in Season 4. Here are a list of the OV’s victims.

Petrova Family
As payback for Katherine (Nina Dobrev) turning into a vampire and spoiling his plans for breaking the hybrid curse, Klaus slaughtered her whole family, minus her baby, who had already been sent away.
Season 2, Episode 9

Isobel Flemming (compelled)
It’s hard to know where Isobel’s compulsion began and ended, but she bit John Gilbert and killed herself by removing her daywalker necklace. This could’ve all been Klaus’s work.
Season 2, Episode 17

Bonnie Bennett (temporarily)
Part of the spell to best Klaus involved Bonnie (Kat Graham) sacrificing herself, at least for a little while, during a battle of wills with the OV.
Season 2, Episode 18

Jenna Sommers, twice
Poor Aunt Jenna (Sara Canning). First Klaus turns her, then he kills her. Double damage dealt by the hottie hybrid.
Season 2, Episode 20 and Season 2, Episode 21

That sun and moon curse required a lot of sacrifice. Jules served as the werewolf death necessary to complete the spell.
Season 2, Episode 21

Elena Gilbert (resurrected)
Klaus ripped the doppelganger’s heart out to break the sun and moon curse; her father John Gilbert gave his life to save her.
Season 2, Episode 21

Ray Sutton, 12 werewolves (including Paige), Derek (the human)
You can’t make an omelette without breaking some eggs. Likewise with hybrids and necks. It took Klaus a while to figure out to make his minions, which involved accidentally killing a lot of werewolves.
Season 3, Episode 2

Rebekah (three times, temporarily)
It’s not easy being Rebekah (Claire Holt). Klaus has tired of his sister several times. The solution? Dagger her until he needs her again.
Season 3, Episode 3; Season 3, Episode 10; and Season 4, Episode 4

Tyler Lockwood (temporarily)
In order to test his hybrid theory (that Elena’s blood was the key to making them), Klaus snapped Tyler’s (Michael Trevino) neck. Luckily, Klaus had finally figured out to make followers.
Season 3, Episode 5

Esther (temporarily)
Nothing says “I’m evil” like matricide. We learn that Klaus killed his mother, Esther, back in the 11th century. She’d placed the sun and moon curse on him, putting a damper on his werewolf side, and Klaus murdered her for it. After her son was through with her, Esther was, literally, heartless.
Season 3, Episode 8

As if one parent weren’t enough, Klaus took his non-biological father out with a white oak stake.
Season 3, Episode 9

We’re not absolutely certain it was Klaus who daggered his little bro over a hundred years ago, but he certainly kept Kol (Nathaniel Buzolic) in a pine box for a reason.
Season 3, Episode 13

Alaric Saltzman (temporarily)
Klaus was eager to know where Evil Alaric (Matt Davis) had hidden the final white oak stake, so he broke the history teacher’s neck in attempt to channel the hunter’s serial killer side. Alaric survived. That’s what magical rings are for.
Season 3, Episode 19

So cold. Sure, Elijah originally wanted to kill Klaus, but he saved his brother at the last minute. The hybrid repaid this favor by daggering Elijah and stuffing him a coffin.

The Brotherhood of the Five
A bunch of supernaturally adept hunters were after the Originals in the 1100s, so Klaus (messily) killed them all.
Season 4, Episode 4

Mayor Carol Lockwood
Amidst the faux snow and Christmas carols, Klaus drowned Mayor Lockwood as payback for her son, Tyler, un-siring his hybrids.
Season 4, Episode 9

Hybrids, temporarily and permanently
Since you technically can’t make a hybrid without killing a hybrid, Klaus has obviously murdered his whole army in the process of turning them. When they became un-sired, Klaus tore their hearts out.
Season 4, Episode 9

There are a few times Klaus’s involvement gets a little tricky. Klaus told the Ripper to kill a lot of people (that random woman in Season 2, Episode 22, many more of Stefan’s victims) and compelled him to kill others (RIP, Dana and Chad in Season 3, Episode 5). The latter two we can probably add to Klaus’s kill count, but some of the others are little more difficult to parse out.

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