D.L. Hughley: Dancing With the Stars 2013 Is “Horrible for Me” and “Not Fun”
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Dancing With The Stars

D.L. Hughley: Dancing With the Stars 2013 Is “Horrible for Me” and “Not Fun”

Yikes! And here we thought Victor “Vicious” Ortiz was the fighter on Dancing With the Stars Season 16. The real boxing match of the spring season is between comedian D.L. Hughley — who is definitely not laughing — and head judge Len Goodman — who is definitely not apologizing.

D.L. started the season feeling "humiliated" by the judges’ comments and low scores. On Week 3, he called the judges "bullies" and said he didn't want to be "a verbal punching bag." Things had a chance to get better on the Week 3 Results Show, when Len addressed D.L.'s frustrations. He didn’t have to apologize, but he could’ve softened the blows or at least said something encouraging. Instead, Len argued that he had been "kind" to everyone this season and "generous" in his comments to D.L. Slap!

After the show, D.L. shared more anger to E! News, repeating his frustration at not being allowed to respond to the judges right when they speak. "I don't like the idea of somebody having a mic and me not," D.L. told E! "That to me is cowardly. What did I do? Did I dance so poorly that I made [Len] upset that I get to dance again? This experience is starting to be horrible for me. It's not fun. It's like going to school and the principal has it out for you. I don't need you to help me, just look the other way."

Poor D.L. This show can be emotional and frustrating, but it’s never supposed to be “horrible.” Would you be upset, if you were in his shoes, or is he being oversensitive? Len has been just as tough on other celebs in the past, so it’s not like it should be a shock when Grumpy lives up to his name. The judges have to call it as they see it. They should never resort to personal attacks, but they also shouldn’t have to walk on eggshells because some celebs are more sensitive than others.

Source: E! News