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Teen Mom

Gary Head Defends Himself on Twitter: “I Never Beat Her!”

Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans’s ex fiancé, Gary Head, seems to be losing favor with the fans these days. Teen Mom 2 Season 4, Episode 8 aired on Monday, April 1, and in the episode, Gary and Jenelley get into a huge fight that leads to some physical abuse. Even though the events of that day happened eons ago and Gary pled guilty to the assault charges, (to avoid possible jail time), fans and haters (see: Courtland Rogers) are having a hard time with seeing it all play out on TV.

“Just to set the record strait. I NEVER beat jenelle,” Gary tweeted on April 2. Though, the former flame did have this to say “If slamming some1 on a memoryfoam mattress after getting beat is beating then arrest me.”

Gary went on to discuss the events of that unfortunate day via Twitter, alerting fans that Jenelle instigated the fight and that he was merely defending himself.

“I was in a dead sleep when she went threw my phone. I woke up to getting punched in the face,” Gary tweeted. Ouch! That wasn’t very nice of Jenelle! We’ve heard of waking up to sweet nothings in the ear, but punches to the face? That’s a new one.

When a concerned fan asked if he did in fact put his hands on Jenelle, he said “@lizpaige1 @courtyb11 hell no, I slammed her on a bed after she was beatin on me.”

Even though slamming a person on a bed would require Gary to touch Jenelle, but let’s forget that for the moment. Despite all the negative attention he’s getting, Gary’s not bitter. He even makes a joke about it, at Jenelle’s expense of course.

“That was a good episode ln. Probally the best one yet ‘he beat me’ yet no bruises anywhere? SMH,” he wrote. Who knew Gary was a forensics specialist?

Do you think Gary actually beat Jenelle? Tell us below!

04.3.2013 / 01:27 AM EDT by Afiya Augustine
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