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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Season 9 Spoilers: MerDer’s Baby Causes “Tantalizing and Terrifying” Emotions

It’s no secret that Meredith Grey has been a neurotic pregnant woman on Grey’s Anatomy Season 9. But thanks to a support system made up of her husband Derek, her best friend, Cristina, and a slew of other helpful, calming doctors (even Alex Karev!), she’s managed to get it under control.

However, she will again be sent over the edge in Season 9, Episode 22 — and this time, Derek is right there with her.

According to episode writer Dan Bucatinsky (who also stars on Scandal), the magic-themed episode will explore the couple’s “tantalizing and terrifying” emotions leading up to the birth of their child. “They’re looking at both the magic of creating a family and the scariness of not knowing,” he dishes to TVLine.

Considering that Meredith discovers she has a few Alzheimer’s genetic markers in Episode 20, causing MerDer to “take preventative steps for their children's future,” they could be going into full-blown panic mode. We’re nervous, but if anyone can make it through a stressful time, it’s Meredith and Derek. Let us count the tragedies they’ve been through together in nine seasons...

Are you worried for MerDer, or do you think they’ll pull through? Sound off below.

Source: TVLine