Lesley Murphy: “I’m Not Dating Chris Bukowski!”
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The Bachelor

Lesley Murphy: “I’m Not Dating Chris Bukowski!”

It's only a matter of time before The Bachelor's Lesley Murphy, gets snatched up by some lucky hunk with a six pack, but that hunk is not (we repeat, not!) The Bachelorette's Chris Bukowski. Lesley and Chris were rumored to be hooking up in the wake of Lesley's breakup with Sean Lowe on The Bachelor Season 17, but girlfriend says their lips never had the pleasure of locking.

"I've heard reports as of late that Chris Bukowski and I are dating, and I just want to go ahead and completely squash that, because that is far from the truth," Lesley tells Reality TV World.

Chris and Lesley both live in Washington D.C. and despite the fact that they've meet in person (in fact, they attended the same dating charity auction!), Lesley insists that she's single and looking for love. "I am definitely a 20-something single girl and definitely looking toward the next move and settling down with a nice southern gentleman," she says. "Yeah, I'm just loving life and that's all I can say about that! I'm definitely single and in a good spot, so I can't complain."

Hmmm, Lesley might like her men southern, but it looks like she's going to have to get used to brosefs in board shorts, because she just moved to Los Angeles! So long, Chris Buk-ow-ow-ow-ski!

Source: Reality TV World