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Revenge Season 2: Who Will Be Blamed For Padma Lahari’s Death?

Though we often forget about the police in the Hamptons, they do, in fact, exist. In Revenge Season 2, Episode 18, “Masquerade,” we learned that Nolan Ross had hired Detective Durand to investigate Padma Lahari’s kidnapping.

Unfortunately, his efforts were in vain when Aiden Mathis discovered Padma’s lifeless body six weeks after her kidnapping. And to make matters worse, Nolan is now being connected to Padma’s murder by Detective Durand.

The investigator walked in on Nolan erupting into an emotional fit as he threw papers and computers all over his office.

“Destroying evidence?” he asked. “When we questioned you, you claimed to know nothing. After seeing this, it’s hard to believe, especially when the coroner said she died yesterday. We spoke to you in the morning. Your colleagues said that you left here soon after. Where’d you go?”

“I’m not saying a word,” Nolan replied, realizing that placing him at The Stowaway would alert the Graysons to his involvement in Conrad’s campaign snafu.

It looks like the detective might try to arrest Nolan, but Emily Thorne will probably find a way to get him out of it. She does owe him after weeks of putting his problems in the back burner.

The upcoming Season 2 finale is set to be Nolan-centric, but hopefully it won’t include a murder trial!

Do you think Nolan will be arrested for Padma’s murder? Weigh in below!

04.3.2013 / 01:26 AM EDT by Rachel McRady
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