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Revenge Season 2: Will Jack Porter Hook Up With Ashley Davenport?

The latest dastardly duo in the Hamptons features a wayward seaman and a loose party planner with a background in art history. That’s right, Jack Porter and Ashley Davenport, have formed an unholy alliance on Revenge, and their first goal is to take down Conrad and the rest of the Graysons.

But could their second goal be to consummate their partnership and create the grossness that would be Jashley?

In case you’ve forgotten, Jack’s newly single following the death of his wife, Fauxmanda Clarke. And while he’s mourning her loss, he’s also very conflicted about her mysterious past and the secrets she kept from him.

And after hopping off the desk with Conrad and being thrown out of the pool house by Daniel, Ashley’s also single and ready to mingle.

With these two plotting to take down the Graysons together, the late nights could lead to some hanky panky! While the prospect of these two hooking up makes us more ill than the smell of expired lobsters, it’s certainly not out of the realm of possibility.

If there was an objection from either party, it would be Ashley scoffing at Jack’s plaid. And chances are neither of these two would be in it for true love. Plus, who’s going to be watching Baby Carl David during their sexy time? Declan “I-Love-Stealing-Jewelry” Porter? This baby’s doomed.

Do you think Ashley and Jack will hook up? Weigh in below!

04.3.2013 / 10:45 PM EDT by Rachel McRady
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