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Dancing With The Stars

Dancing With the Stars 2013 Week 4: Top 10 Couples Share “Best Year” Plans

Usually Dancing With the Stars Week 3 is Personal Story Week or Most Memorable Year Week, but since Season 16 gave Week 3 a “Prom” theme, we’ll get to know the stars better when they dance to the Best Year theme on Week 4. Keep reading for what the stars said they’ll be doing on the Monday, April 8 Performance Show.

Aly Raisman & Mark Ballas, Contemporary

This could be Aly's breakout week. "We have Contemporary, which is cool," Mark told On the Red Carpet. "It's my favorite style of dance. This is the week I can kind of do ‘the Mark Ballas thing,’ and get out of the box and kind of show that Aly's taking this serious and she wants to make a run for it. So I'm looking forward to this week." Aly picked 2012 as her favorite year since she went to the Olympics and it was the best year of her life.

Watch the video for Aly and Mark's (joking) complaints about Jacoby the prankster. Apparently he puts his finger in people’s ears, noses and butts (!) and farts on demand. The farting thing keeps coming up with him. Not attractive!

Jacoby Jones
& Karina Smirnoff, Foxtrot

Jacoby said the Foxtrot has been giving him problems and he wants to perfect it. But Karina focused on the big picture, telling OTRC, "Next week is a special week. It's a week where celebrities talk about their best year in their life. Instead of us coming out to the audience we're going to take them on a journey of why that year was his best year. And I think people are going to be very surprised in a good way."

Andy Dick
& Sharna Burgess, Viennese Waltz

Andy and Sharna are on the VW bus this week. "It's going to be really special to Andy," Sharna told Entertainment Tonight of their dance." I'm so glad we get to do it, so it's something he can have for the rest of his life." Andy added, "It's very technical and I'm committed to making her [Sharna] and Len proud."

On Monday, Andy told On the Red Carpet, "Next week, I'm very excited — I'm doing a dance for my daughter, who's 15. I feel like this is the last year of her being a child. I've seen my other kids go from 15 to 16, 17, 18 — there's a big shift. My two sons are older. This last year I want to hang onto, so I'm dancing for her." Aww!

Lisa Vanderpump
& Gleb Savchenko, Cha-Cha-Cha

Lisa's a little stretched for time this week, since she's going to New York. They hadn't even really considered what they were doing by the time they talked to OTRC Tuesday night. They hope the limited rehearsal time won't put them back in the bottom two next week.

Victor Ortiz
& Lindsay Arnold, Paso Doble

"We're definitely stepping it up," Lindsay told OTRC. "We're actually doing the Paso Doble on Monday ... I think it's really important for us to bring out the 'Vicious' Victor Ortiz because they’ve seen the sweet, they've seen the funny, they've seen the loving, romantic, but they haven't seen the mean side of him. I'm going to bring that out 'cause I've seen it so I want everybody else to see it at home." We kinda got a taste on Week 2 when he lost his temper with her. Do we really want to see more of that side? Aggression is good for Paso, though, and you'd expect a boxer to be able to show that side. We'll see!

Zendaya Coleman
& Val Chmerkovskiy, Samba

"Next week, I'm really excited — I like the song, I really love the energy,” Val told OTRC. “Obviously we try to work on all the genres of dance, but there are clearly certain dances that complement us better. Next week's dance is really going to complement [Zendaya’s] strengths. I think she's going to shine next week more than she's shined this season yet. ... We're doing the Samba. It will be more than just a regular Samba." It will highlight her favorite year, and Zendaya said it's the year she realized what she wanted to do with her life. She’s only 16 and she’s already so together!

Sean Lowe
& Peta Murgatroyd, Viennese Waltz

"We're going back to classical ballroom on Monday," Sean said. "It's going to be form and posture and hopefully it's just graceful and fluid. Hopefully the people at home love it and the judges love it as well." He didn't mention what specific year he'll be dancing to, but considering they will be doing the Viennese Waltz, and one of the reasons Sean signed on for DWTS was to learn how to Waltz for his upcoming wedding to Catherine, maybe this is his best year?

D.L. Hughley
& Cheryl Burke, Foxtrot

Cheryl isn't in the video, but D.L. said they have the Foxtrot on Week 4. He joked that he's a fox and he just has to learn how to trot. He did say, more seriously, that he doesn't like judge Len Goodman and Len doesn't like him. "If I allow him to affect me it will be an unpleasant experience," D.L. told OTRC. "I can't give that cat no more space in my head." Mark Ballas pops into the video to support D.L. and hope he gets a break.

Ingo Rademacher
& Kym Johnson, Viennese Waltz

Kym told Entertainment Tonight they have the Viennese Waltz. She told OTRC the story of the dance is going to be really touching. Ingo added, "It's the best year of my life and it's close to my heart, this one. It's really close to my heart. We had some problems in the music and we were kind of like going backwards and forwards about that, but now we have a really great song that's still fitting." Kym jumped in to add that he has to do a solo for 15 seconds during this dance. He thought she was joking but she said she’s serious. He said he's game for it!

Kellie Pickler
& Derek Hough, Rumba

Kellie & Derek have the dance of love on Week 4. Derek told Entertainment Tonight his "love hand" is coming out. Watch here for his brief demonstration. They don’t have a post-Results Show video with On the Red Carpet, but you can hear them do some yoga laughing in their video from Monday night.

Are you looking forward to next week? Sound off in the comments!