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Teen Mom

Kailyn Lowry Regrets Getting an Epidural

Remember back in ye olden days when Teen Mom 2's Kailyn Lowry popped out Baby Isaac during her episode of 16 and Pregnant? We're still suffering from second-hand pain — delivering a baby is no walk in the park! You know, because a giant watermelon-sized human basically flops out of your lady parts. The horror.

Of course, Kailyn opted to get an epidural, which is an especially strong painkiller that numbs contractions and makes labor and delivery a lot less painful. The weird thing? Kailyn wishes she'd nixed the epidural and had a natural birth!

"I wish I had never gotten the epidural :(" she tweeted while re-watching her episode of 16 and Pregnant on April. "They gave it to me so late anyway I so could have done it without."

Dang, get it girl! It takes some major strength to get through labor without the help of pain meds, and let's not forget that Kailyn is reportedly pregnant with baby no. 2! Looks like this gal will be opting for a natural birth for her second time at the labor rodeo, though whether or not MTV captures the big moment on camera remains to be seen...

Do you think MTV should film Kailyn's next delivery? Spill it in the comments!

04.4.2013 / 10:00 PM EDT by Mehera Bonner
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