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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian Divorce: Kris Humphries Has “Proof” Kim Never Loved Him

Here we go again!

Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries are gearing up for their long-long-long-awaited day in divorce court on May 6. There has long been mayhem in the media over what will and won’t be on the table when the big day comes, but one of the constant issues has been Kris’ desire for an annulment, and apparently that part of the plot is thickening.

Kris wants their marriage annulled on the grounds of fraud, because Kim only went through with the wedding for reality TV ratings. Now, according to, he has proof that Kim never loved him!

According to an “insider,” Kris’s attorneys will be trying to prove that Kim worked with Kourtney & Kim Take New York producers in to make Kris look like a bad husband on national TV. You know, proof!

“If she loved Kris, why would she set him up to look like a terrible guy and husband,” the site’s “insider” source asked.

As an example of Kim’s calculating behavior, Kris’ lawyers will reportedly be focusing on scenes surrounding a party Kris threw at the hotel where he and Kim were living, while she was away on business.

But evidently, Kim was still in the hotel! She ramped up the party drama by sending extra booze and girls to the party, but then appeared to be surprised and freaked out by the party’s aftermath, making Kris look like a jerk.

Is this proof of anything, other than the fact that reality TV isn’t exactly as real as it seems, which we already knew? Kris must think so, if he’s really as confident as this source claims.

“He’s very calm,” the source explained. “He’s in a normal space, he’s not stressed out. He has a strong, good case.”

Kim, of course, testified in her deposition that she was very much in love with Kris when they got married. But Kris is prepared for that, and anything else he thinks Kim will throw at him from the stand.

“Friends and family are expecting Kim to use tears and her pregnancy as a sympathy card,” the source said. “We can expect her to say that she loved him, when she married him. She’ll try to tug at everyone’s heartstrings.”

That schemer, Kim Kardashian! She went through all the trouble of falling in love with a famous rapper and getting pregannt with his child just to score a few sympathy points on at her trial, which she didn't know was happening in May until recently? Yeah, that seems totally worth it. Totally.