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The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian vs. Kourtney: Who Looks Better With No Makeup?

The Kardashian sisters usually don’t leave the house unless they look absolutely flawless. We’re talking sexy heels, glamorous designer duds, hair that looks like something out of a shampoo commercial, and perfectly-applied makeup.

That said, the sisters seem to be experiencing a bit of an off-week. Within the past six days, both Kim Kardashian and her sister Kourtney have been spotted without any makeup. (In public. In broad daylight. And with cameras flashing away the entire time.)

Credit: Jamie McCarthy/Getty Images for EJA    

First, older sis Kourtney stepped out for a business meeting in Beverly Hills on March 29. Though her outfit was reliably colorful and fashion-forward, Kourtney’s face had barely a speck of makeup on it.

On April 3, not even a week later, photographers snapped Kim Kardashian arriving home to LAX after a whirlwind Paris trip with boyfriend Kanye West, and her face was totally naked. No mascara. No lipstick. Nothing at all.

For two sisters who make their a by promoting their celebrity status, looking 100% glamourous all the time is practically part of their job description. Seeing two of them emerge looking anything less than flawless is certainly unexpected.

That said, we love the fact that the sisters are willing to show of a more relatable, everywoman side of themselves. Not everyone can look like a Kardashian sister all of the time. And that includes the Kardashian girl themselves.

You’ve seen both Kim and Kourtney makeup free, now we want to know what you think. Which of the sultry sisters pulls off the fresh-faced look the best?

04.4.2013 / 05:22 AM EDT by Beth Douglass
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