Nashville Spoiler: Does Will Come Between Scarlett and Gunnar?
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Nashville Spoiler: Does Will Come Between Scarlett and Gunnar?

If you’re anything like us, you’re still reliving the magic of The O.C. by punching curly-haired dorks at diners and yelling things like “Welcome to Cle Elum, bitch!” (or you know, whichever city you’re repping these days). According to TVLine, Nashville is about to get a whole lot punchier, as The O.C.’s Chris Carmack has joined the cast this season.

That’s right, folks. Marissa Cooper’s ex-boyfriend Luke is coming to town, and there might be some trouble in Tennessee when he arrives. TVLine reports that Luke Chris's character Will is set to be a recurring hunk of trouble this season asa new neighbor who befriends Scarlett (Clare Bowen) and her hunky roommate” in the last six episodes of Season 1.

Our first thought was that Gunnar (Sam Palladio) better be careful. With Chris's blue eyes and the charming way he can go from deeb to prince in mere seasons, Gunn better watch out for the Aryan magic that would be a Scarlett-Will pairing. However, there’s no confirmation as yet that the two will become an item — but the Episode 17 sneak peek did tease some tension when Will joins Scarlett onstage.

But wait, Sam said in a recent interview that Will may actually pair up with Gunnar instead of Scarlett — albeit, not romantically. Sam tells TV Fanatic "[Will] becomes the new confidant. Gunnar finds himself with a dude friend for a change and he really is the catalyst for kind of picking Gunnar up and then trying to shake him out of this guilt that he feels for losing his brother and the whole mess there."

What do you think? Is Will going to pull Scarlett and Gunnar apart musically, or somehow affect their relationship? We know Luke loves a good Rooney concert. Perhaps Will is the country music equivalent? “Rayna! Raaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaynaaaaaaaa!” We can see it now.

Source: TVLine; TV Fanatic