Pregnant Kim Kardashian Upset in Paris — Finally Tired of Paparazzi?
Credit: KCS Presse/Splash News    
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The Kardashians

Pregnant Kim Kardashian Upset in Paris — Finally Tired of Paparazzi?

Cameras follow Kim Kardashian around on a daily basis. They’ve been doing so for years. And the pregnant reality star usually seems to love it.

Kim typically dresses to the nines for paparazzi shots. She loves to wear sexy leather outfits and glam high heels. Her makeup is almost always flawless. Sure, having guys follow you around with cameras all the time can certainly get annoying, but we’ve always felt like Kim — who has built a successful business enterprise around marketing her celebrity — secretly relishes the attention. Look at it from business standpoint, even. Having her name and face constantly out there is good for Kim’s brand.

However, as Kim enters her sixth month of pregnancy, the usually camera-friendly star’s attitude seems to be changing.

On April 2, photographers caught Kim and her boyfriend Kanye West out in Paris, and neither of them seemed very happy to see those familiar camera flashes. Kim repeatedly lowered her head and covered her face with her hand. As a result, photographers barely got any shots of her face.

Kanye, too, seemed eager to avoid the cameras. What’s more, both stars were dressed in extremely casual and laid-back attire. This is a huge difference from the perfectly put-together looks we’re used to seeing!

To be fair, the sun does appear to be shining particularly brightly outside, so its possible that Kim is only lowering her head and shielding her eyes to avoid its blinding glare. Take a look at the photos, then sound off to let us know what you think. Has media darling Kim Kardashian finally gone camera shy?