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Revenge Season 2: Will Daniel Grayson Come Between Aiden Mathis and Emily Thorne?

Remember back in the olden days on Revenge when Aiden and Emily spent their evenings frolicking gleefully with Japanese puppies while Takeda chased them with his rat tail? They were so in love, guys, sob! Of course, then Emily moved to the Hamptons, went on a pyro spree, and kinda-sorta fell in fake love with Daniel.

This gal's love life is more than a little complicated, but in case you need a refresher, here's what's up: Emily is currently dating Daniel as part of her revenge plot, and she's making sweet love to Aiden on the sly.

In fact, Emily and Aiden seem like they're head-over-Sperrys in love –– not that Emily would ever drop The L-Word on anyone other than Sammy the Dog. But now that Emily is faux-dating Daniel and his feelings, we're worried that her relationship with Aiden might be compromised.

Need we remind you of the fact that Daniel and Emily's 'ship consists of romantic beach strolls, shirtless volleyball sessions, and scrapbooking? It's going to be impossible for Em not to fall in love with Danny Boy's smize!

Sorry, Aiden, but it looks like the time has come for you to change back into your billowing white linen shirt and troll the sand dunes in an existential rage, 'cause your girlfriend is totally scamming on other seamen.

And let’s not forget Em’s angst over childhood sweetheart-turned-semi-enemy, Jack Porter! But we can’t even think about that right now because there’s a millionaire and a sexy Brit to think about.

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