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Jersey Shore

The Cast Of Jersey Shore Reunites for Snooki & JWOWW Finale

On the Season 2 finale of Snooki & JWOWW, JWOWW and Roger thought they were headed to a “Meet Lorenzo” party, but little did they know Snooki had been planning a surprise engagement party for the two!

The last episode was definitely emotional, as we had to say goodbye for now to following the lives of our favorite guidette BFFs and their husbands-to-be. Luckily Snooki and JWOWW smoothed things over with their guys just in time for the big party, where almost all of the Jersey Shore roommates reunited at long last!

Pauly D was excited to finally meet Lorenzo, who he promised to give a blowout too. Deena, Ron and Sam and Vinny also attended, and even though it wasn’t technically the “Meet Lorenzo” party,Snooki had promised JWOWW, everyone was happy to see how big her baby had gotten.

After hastily throwing together the decorations, everyone got ready with silly string to surprise JWOWW and Roger when they walked through the door. (Snooki had even put up a fake “baby shower” banner outside to throw them off!)

The party went off without a hitch. Roger was impressed and touched to see all of JWOWW’s roommates (sans Mike, awkward) at the big event, and it was sweet to see.

Highlights of the party included Pauly yelling “Don’t do it!” and joking that it was a party for Ron and Sam, which later prompted Ronnie to fake a proposal to Sammi, and of course all of the roomies taking turns going around the table and giving a toast to the couple, welcoming them officially into the family. Aww!

And of course, we loved Roger’s declaration: “I feel that if I’m the ninth roommate, I feel it’d only be fair that Jionni’s nine and a half.”

Did you catch the cast reunion on the last episode? What did you think of seeing everyone together again? Share below!