The Voice 2013’s Audrey Karrasch Talks Insulting Adam Levine: “I Was Out of My Mind!”
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The Voice

The Voice 2013’s Audrey Karrasch Talks Insulting Adam Levine: “I Was Out of My Mind!”

Contestants tend to be nervous when they step on The Voice Season 4 stage, but former model-turned-singer Audrey Karrasch was exuding confidence in her April 2 blind audition.

After her energetic performance of “Price Tag,” it was up to coaches Blake Shelton and Usher to battle for her. But when Adam Levine chimed in to throw one of his patented quips at Blake, Audrey interrupted saying, “You didn’t even turn around! Why do you care?”

As America laughed at home, Blake quickly professed his love for the singer. And though Audrey ended up on Team Usher, Wetpaint Entertainment had to ask her about the show’s sassiest moment from a contestant thus far.

“Honestly, I was completely out of my mind and I felt horrible for doing it,” she admitted. “I appreciate you for saying that because I know there’s so haters out there and I love Adam Levine so much. I look up to him. It was one of those insert foot in your mouth moments. Looking back at it, I’m like, ‘Why didn’t I listen to what he said?’ Anything he said, I should have just soaked it up. But I knew I had my mind made up and just in that moment when I knew he was going to banter back and forth with Blake. I just had a little bit of sass and it was just a moment, but I’m really glad he played it off.”

The Voice 2013’s Audrey Karrasch Talks Insulting Adam Levine: “I Was Out of My Mind!”
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And Audrey’s confidence didn’t stop there. The former Ford model interrupted Usher mid-sentence to tell him that she was joining Team Ush without giving Blake much opportunity to win her over.

“I was not expecting Blake to turn around at all and he turned around at the first sentence,” she said. “And he said some things and even the way he was looking at me, I was like, ‘Blake why do you even want me?’ I was stunned. I love country music and I love Blake Shelton. I think he’s hilarious. I hope he wasn’t offended that I just kind of shut him out. But I’m a huge Usher fan, so I kind of knew going into it.”

Audrey’s love of Usher has little to do with his dazzling smile and impressive dance moves.

“He’s a hard worker so if I want to be in this business, I want to work really really hard so I wanted to be on his team,” she said. “I kind of knew in the back of my mind if I was on Blake’s team, I would just kind of be goofing off and laughing, and I didn’t want that to happen, but I don’t know, I do too. I want to be his best friend. I want to be laughing all the time with him!”

What did you think of Audrey’s post-performance banter with the coaches? Hilarious or inappropriate? Weigh in below!