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The Bachelor

Which Former Bachelor Is the Richest? You Asked, We Answered!

Money can’t buy you love or happiness, but it doesn’t hurt, right? Most of the eligible Bachelors have not only been super handsome and charming, but hella rich, including 2013’s Bachelor, Sean Lowe. But exactly how rich are they? While we don’t know the exact net worth of all 16 past Bachelors, we can deduce from the data available that most of the bachelors are worth at least half a million. But who’s the richest?

It’s a tie! Each worth around $50 million, Season 3 Bachelor Andrew Firestone and Season 9’s Prince Lorenzo Borghese share the title of Most Loaded Bachelor. Andrew’s family owns Firestone tires (perhaps you’ve heard of them?) and Lorenzo belongs to an historically moneyed family that at one point owned, like, half of Rome.

The more you know!

Source: Celebrity NetWorth