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Will Pregnant Kim Kardashian Profit From Her Weight Gain?

Like healthy expectant mothers everywhere, Kim Kardashian is putting on some weight during her pregnancy. But since she’s so uber-famous, her weight gain has been the subject of a lot of media attention and, of course, exaggeration.

So far, the tabloid rumor mill has churned out stories that Kim weighs 200 pounds, that she’s crying because she thinks her butt looks like “a big ‘ol hunk of cheese,” and that she’s choosing bizarre maternity fashion on purpose to score a weight loss deal. And now, Kim is apparently trying to pack on the pounds to turn a profit!

According to Star magazine, Kim is ignoring “dire health warnings” and “getting paid to binge on junk food.”

We can’t figure out what exactly she’d be getting paid for, since we haven’t noticed Kim conspicuously consuming particular brands of snack food, but we’ll stick with it for now.

If this tabloid is to be believed, Kim’s profit-for-poundage plans started off as part of a vicious insecurity cycle. “Whenever people criticize her weight, she’d just eat more,” a “friend” of Kim’s evidently told Star. “She will deliberately go out and find the worst possible food and binge on it. She hasn’t had anything nutritious in weeks — it’s all junk!”

But an “insider” told the mag that Kim’s motives aren’t quite so innocent. Kim is reportedly gaining as much weight as possible to attract attention because she is, “so focused on turning her pregnancy into profits.”

“Once she realized that she could profit off her body looking like this, all bets were off,” said the insider.

So wait, is Kim packing on pounds for the attention? For the money? And where the heck is this supposed money coming from?

There’s a lot we don’t get about this story, but mostly we have questions about getting paid to eat junk food. Is this a thing? We don’t think Kim is making any money that way, but if it’s really a career option, we’ll see you suckers later.

Source: Star magazine via GossipCop

04.4.2013 / 11:32 PM EDT by Gemma Wilson
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