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Real Housewives of Atlanta

Would Kandi Burruss Still Marry Todd Tucker Without a Prenup?

In the wake of Porsha Stewart’s divorce from Kordell, a Watch What Happens Live viewer was curious about whether or not Kandi would still marry her main man Todd if he had refused to sign a prenup.

Kandi, who has made it clear that she’s a big fan of the prenup, replied, “He’s not gonna refuse.”

She elaborated further, dishing, “People just look at what I’m doing and they automatically assume that he has to be coming at me for something other than the fact that he just loves me. But no, he has no problem with doing a prenup.”

Smart man, because it’s clear that our girl Kandi isn’t putting on a white dress and walking down the aisle without Todd’s signature on the dotted line.

And not for nothing, but we’re pretty sure Kordell wishes he’d made Porsha sign a prenup right about now. Just sayin’!

Catch the rest of Kandi’s thoughts in the clip below.