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6 Things NOT to Do Before Bed

At the end of the day, you’re wiped, but when your head hits the pillow, you just can’t sleep, and get this — it’s your fault! Something that sounds like a great way to unwind before bed might actually be making it harder to get some Zs. But don’t lose too much sleep over it. Staying away from these bedtime don’ts will help you sack out.

Don’t Drink
Sure, you might get sleeping following a few glasses of wine (and just one probably won’t hurt), but multiple nightcaps may make it difficult to stay asleep for more than a few hours. Instead, skip the alcohol and try a hot cup of decaf tea.

Don’t Watch TV
Skipping The Voice before bed might seem crazy (especially if you’re counting on Adam to make a cameo in your dreams), but TV actually stimulates your brain when it should be going into sleepy mode. So the results show will have to wait until tomorrow.

Don’t Go Online
Make your bedroom a screen-free area so you aren’t tempted to re-energize tired eyes. Don’t worry, the internet will still be around in the morning when you log back on. We promise.

Don’t Eat Sweets
That whole sugar rush thing isn’t just for kids, so avoid sweet stuff (sorry!) right before you nod off. We’re not suggesting you give up the goodies (because what kind of life would that be?), just move snack time to earlier in the day.

Don’t Have THE Talk
Bedtime might seem like a good time to connect with your guy, but if you’ve ever tried falling asleep after an intense discussion, you know it’s not so easy. Have tough talks during the day or early evening when you won’t be too drained to deal with the aftermath.

Don’t Exercise
Exercise creates endorphins that give your body energy, which is one of its perks (besides your perky tush!). But don’t sweat it out before bed. Instead, try a few yoga moves to relax muscles before you slip between the sheets.

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04.5.2013 / 05:17 AM EDT by Jo Aaron
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