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American Idol

American Idol 2013 Recap: Season 12 Top 7 Results! (VIDEOS)

Who would go home in our American Idol 2013 recap tonight from the Top 7 was especially difficult to predict this week. We placed our bets that it would be a guy who would get the boot in the American Idol results tonight, but didn’t count out the possibility lowest-ranked girl Amber Holcomb might get cut despite having one of her best performances of the season last night. Who got voted off American Idol tonight in the end? Join us for our live recap right now and watch the results with us!

The American Idol judges seem to be in love with Amber, but for some reason the voters don’t seem to share their devotion all that much. Even though she’s been consistently good all season, and sometimes given truly spectacular American Idol performances, the voters just aren’t getting behind her. Amber keeps sliding into the bottom, even when rival competitors like Lazaro Arbos give horrible performances on the same nights she shines, which makes her very depressed.

Even though her voting numbers have been quite low, however, we don’t think it will be Amber who was voted off American Idol tonight. We’re actually hoping it will finally be time for Lazaro Arbos to go, as a number of fan polls are predicting. While Lazaro is totally cute, and he has a great, moving backstory, his vocals are just obviously the weakest of any of the American Idol Season 12 Top 7 finalists. We’re concerned, however, that his ‘Lazis’ fans will still manage to keep him around another week with the help of the Vote For The Worst crowd and soulful crooner Burnell Taylor will end up on the chopping block.

Even if Amber does rank last with the voters in the American Idol results tonight, we think the judges might just pull out the save to keep her around for another week. If it’s Burnell though, we're just not sure what will happen. It's pretty obvious the American Idol judges will not use the save on Lazaro.

So who will go home in the American Idol results show this evening? Our live American Idol 2013 recap kicks off below!

[Please refresh this page frequently for the latest updates and videos in our live American Idol recap of the Season 12 Top 7 results show!]

Starting off the show tonight, of course, host Ryan Seacrest has to introduce all the finalists and wait while the cameras pan through the American Idol judges. Then we have to sit through a recap of what went down on the show last night. Naturally, this is followed by what we like to call a Brady Bunch group number. And horror of horrors, it's another Queen song “Somebody to Love” being mangled tonight. What, we want to know, have the American Idol producers got against Queen that they want to keep doing this to one of the greatest rock bands in history?

Personally, we’re just not fond of anyone singing Queen songs on any reality TV show anywhere. Queen is sacred. Leave it alone. Thankfully, at least, the Top 7 didn’t mangle the song too badly, although it wasn’t the most wonderful thing we’ve ever heard.

Oh, and of course, Ryan Seacrest lets us know that OMG! More American Idol alums will be performing tonight! This time around it will be Carrie Underwood and Casey James taking the stage. We’re starting to wonder if they spent so much money on the judges’ salaries this season, they couldn’t afford anyone else. Or if they are just really, really, really trying to shove the point home that American Idol has produced more superstars so far than any other U.S. reality TV talent show. (cough, cough, take that The Voice!)

Oh look, it’s another Ford Fiesta Mission! (Or as we like to call it, a Ford commercial wrapped up in a cute package.) This time the finalists ride off in their Fords to do a photoshoot where they dress up like their favorite musical icon.

Mentor Jimmy Iovine reviews last night’s performances next and we pretty much agree with his assessment that virtually everyone last night chose songs that just did not work for them. He says Burnell Taylor “gave rock a bad name,” Freddie Mercury would have cancelled his wedding if Angie and Lazaro had sang their duet at it, and Janelle Arthur should have picked something by Bob Seger. Overall it just not great. His top three from last night is Kree Harrison, Angie Miller and Amber Holcomb. He hopes America will make the right choice and send Lazaro home tonight.

Before we move on to some results, we have a guest performance from former Season 9 finalist Casey James with his new single “The Good Life”. Casey’s such a cool guy, we want to give him a hug. He’s brought gifts for each of the Top 7 finalists to remind them of their hometowns so they won’t be so homesick. Awwhhhh.

Finally! It’s time to learn who is going to be in the Top 3 contestants in the vote tonight. Ryan says last night they asked the judges to name who they would pick to be at the top of the pack. Keith Urban said he would choose Kree, Angie and Amber. Nicki didn’t know they were going to call her out on her choices. She said Kree, Angie and Amber as well. Randy also picked the same three, but he wanted to add Candice for a Top 4. Mariah chose Kree, Amber and Candice.

That’s what the judges wanted, but what did the voters want? Personally, I’m just dumbfounded by the Top 3 Ryan announces to answer that question. The first two make total sense, but the third choice is basically just a middle finger flung at the judges, the American Idol producers, and everyone who actually has any good taste in music. And here they are:

Kree Harrison

Angie Miller

And... Lazaro Arbos.

Really? That is some kind of crazy.

Thankfully, former American Idol winner Carrie Underwood is here to soothe our outrage over those voting results with a performance of her new single “See You Again”. Now THIS is what American Idol should be about — amazing talent brought to its ultimate fruition. Carrie gets kind of sappy after her performance talking about how the show brought her to where she is now and how one of the finalists will be standing in her footsteps soon.

After another commercial break, host Ryan Seacrest is ready to dish out more results. He gets right to it and announces the next person safe tonight will be... Candice Glover!

Defying the predictions of fan polls and American Idol bloggers all over the Internet who though Lazaro would be among them, the bottom three in the results tonight are: Janelle, Amber and Burnell.

Ryan has one more “safe” announcement to make and the next person who will be moving on to the Season 12 Top 6 is... Amber Holcomb!

Poor Janelle Arthur. She’s probably just about as confused at being in the bottom two as we are that she is there.

Rolling right along, Ryan Seacrest is ready to tell us who the viewers have decided should go home tonight. The person who will be singing for their life and hoping for a save from the American Idol judges this week is...

Burnell Taylor!

This is what we were afraid might happen in our predictions post earlier today. Now we’ll just have to wait and see if the judges think Burnell is worth the save... or they will be more afraid of losing Amber, Janelle or one of the other girls next week.

Burnell chooses to sing “Ready For Love” by India.Arie for his ‘save’ song and it is beautiful, although somehow just not quite as emotive as he’s been in the past. Maybe he knows the judges are probably not going to rescue him from being eliminated. He ends his song with a kiss on Amber’s cheek, which just makes him so adorable.

The judges rise for a standing ovation and Mariah Carey is in tears, which isn’t a good sign. Ryan announces the news and it is as we suspected it would be.

Burnell Taylor has been eliminated from American Idol 2013. The show fades out on tearful goodbyes from the other finalists...

Who made the American Idol 2013 Top 6:

Kree Harrison

Angie Miller

Lazaro Arbos

Candice Glover

Amber Holcomb

Janelle Arthur

Who was eliminated on American Idol tonight:

Burnell Taylor

04.5.2013 / 07:52 AM EDT by Laura Vess
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