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American Idol

Candice Glover and Kree Harrison Dish On Their Painful Injuries

Crystal Bowersox struggled with her diabetes while on American Idol, and then nearly left due to the grueling schedule. Phillip Phillips had eight surgeries on his kidney last season. And Skylar Laine was rushed to the hospital for an undisclosed illness, only to return with a mysterious bandage on her arm. To boot, many of these hopefuls get the flu each year. There’s no doubt the hectic pace and stress of American Idol is hard on these singers, but they always seem to rise above it, and Candice Glover and Kree Harrison are no exceptions.

Kree never mentioned having a pinched nerve before her performance of “Piece Of My Heart” on Wednesday, but Keith Urban picked up on something in the way she moved. The gorgeous singer, who was shown hugging everyone under the sun in her pre-package, told backstage that she could barely lift her right arm.

"I thought the adrenaline kind of pulled me through. Thank God for Mariah, saying that this is her favorite performance. But Keith could definitely tell. I just — I pray that people will vote for me and next week, I'm still here and I'm going to be pain-free,” the Nashville-based demo singer said.

While this girl is always smiling and held it together while on camera, she did fall apart a bit once she was backstage. She even cried, saying, "I'm just emotional because I'm in so much pain. And I want to enjoy this experience and be all the way into it, but literally it's like someone is stabbing me right now."

As everyone likely knew, Kree was just fine, sailing on through to the Season 12 Top 6 during last night’s results show, even landing in each of the judge’s predictions for who will be in the Top Three

Candice, too, had to block out the pain of a broken toe during her performance of “(I Can’t Get No) Satisfaction”. Her explanation was a bit more humorous, as it was the result of an April Fools prank gone wrong.

"I thought it was just a stubbed toe and I thought I would wake up the next morning and it would be fine, but every morning I woke up it was worse and worse," Candice said.

While the reason behind the injury might be funny, the pain was most certainly not. When asked about whether those high-heeled boots may have been a bad idea by, the powerhouse vocalist said, “They actually have a lot of room, but with all that stomping I was doing I was damaging it. ... Every time I stomped [the other contestants] were like 'Ow, ow, ow, ow.' And I was saying the same thing."

Like Kree, Candice felt the injury kept her from performing her best, lamenting, "I didn't feel like I [killed it] because [my toe] was holding me back." It probably wasn’t easy for her to find out she wasn’t on the judges’ list of Top Three predictions, but she made it through to the Top 6, regardless. Jimmy Iovine did say Candice wasn’t in his Top Three, but that she was definitely his fourth pick, and that he loved her.

These girls are not only talented but the consummate pros. Is it too much for us to ask that they pair up for a duet next week? Now THAT would be amazing. Did you think the injuries held these talented girls back this past week?


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