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Teen Mom

Did Jenelle Evans Drop Abuse Charges Against Courtland Rogers? Her Lawyer Tells All! — Exclusive

Word on the street is that Teen Mom 2 star Jenelle Evans has dropped the six domestic abuse charges she filed against husband Courtland Rogers back in January. Wetpaint Entertainment has learned exclusively from Jenelle's lawyer Dustin Sullivan that not only are these reports untrue, but what happens next is in the sole control of the court.

"It would not be Jenelle's choice whether to dismiss the charges," Dustin explained to us. "It would be up to the State of North Carolina."

Jenelle and Courtland are currently scheduled to appear in court on April 8, at which point the judge will decide whether to pursue the charges against Courtland or to dismiss the case altogether.

As it stands, Courtland faces a total of six counts of assault, including assault on an unborn child. (Jenelle was seven weeks pregnant at the time of the alleged incident and miscarried shortly after). According to the warrant for his arrest obtained by Splash News, Courtland's charges include "picking her [Jenelle Evans] up, throwing her against the wall, bashing her head on the wall, punching her in the head, back, stomach, and legs." Each count carries a possible 150-day prison sentence.

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Since the the couple's reconciliation a few weeks ago, Jenelle has stood by her man and has even denied the offenses listed in the warrant.

"I never gave ANY DETAILS TO ANYONE about what happened to me, so give up. It's my business," Jenelle recently told a fan on Twitter. "Where does it say 'courtland punched me in my face'? Assault could mean many things."

Jenelle's surprising retraction has many people wondering if she falsified the report — a serious offense in the eyes of the court.

"Anyone can be charged with filing a false report if they testify that what he/she wrote down was untrue. Sadly, it can be more common than we would want it to be," Dustin elaborated. "It would be a misdemeanor offense but I would not anticipate that she [Jenelle] would go into court and make that statement."

Sounds like this is only the beginning of a lengthy legal process! Check back with Wetpaint Entertainment for new developments, and tell us your thoughts below.