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The Walking Dead

Don’t Worry, The Walking Dead’s Melissa McBride and Scott Wilson Are Already Series Regulars

Much ado was made about the promotion of several cast members to "series regular" status for The Walking Dead Season 4: Chad L. Coleman (Tyreese), Sonequa Martin-Green (Sasha), [SPOILER], and Emily Kinney (Beth).

But that just left fans to wonder, "What about Melissa McBride?" Melissa has played Carol since Season 1, but she's not included in the main title sequence with the other main stars, even newbies like Danai Gurira (Michonne). The title sequence decisions are confusing, but Melissa tweeted a clarification: "awesome outpouring thanks! but I currently am a series regular. It's legalese, and what it means for my castmates now is CONGRATULATIONS!!"

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Producer Gale Anne Hurd also answered a question about why Scott Wilson (Hershel) wasn't also promoted to series regular, since “Hershel is an important character :/" Gale wrote, “Scott and Melissa are regulars! ... Most writers, producers, cast & crew are in opening titles otherwise we would have 5 minutes of main titles before the show actually starts."

So Melissa and Scott are already "regulars," but whatever is going on behind the scenes between producers and contracts keeps them in a different position in the credits. Or something. Even Robert Kirkman doesn't really understand the details. "There are a lot of executive producers on the show and that’s not my forte,” he told TVLine. “I don’t even know what the series regular term actually really means when it gets down to it, I’m sorry to admit.” Nobody understands it!

Just put Melissa's and Norman Reedus's name next to each other on screen, for Caryl shippers, and have the whole Greene family listed together. Package them up so no one is left out and everyone knows who is related or linked to whom.

Sources: @mcbridemelissa, @GunnerGale, TVLine

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04.5.2013 / 08:57 PM EDT by Gina Carbone
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