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Grey's Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Recap: Season 9, Episode 20 — Is [SPOILER] Getting Fired?

When we meet up with our Grey’s Anatomy gang again this week in Season 9, Episode 20: “She’s Killing Me,” Bailey sits Meredith and Derek down to deliver the results of Meredith’s genome mapping: she’s tested positive for several of the genes that could indicate that she will have Alzheimer’s, but nothing’s for sure. Of course, Meredith takes this as a death sentence and urges Derek to update their will. He tries to convince her she’s being ridiculous, but she won’t hear of it.

Owen checks on the father of the kid he bonded with whose parents were involved in the tanker accident, Ethan. Dad has still not come out of the coma, but Mom is doing well and remembers her son again. His grandma will be there later that day to pick him up, so he can avoid social services caring for him until his parents are out of the hospital.

Meanwhile, a couple of Syrian doctors are visiting to learn how to perform surgery in war conditions. The doctors are happy to train them, but then they realize they don’t have nearly the equipment or resources available to them in wartime... or anesthetic. Owen gathers up all the attendings, hands them a box of the equipment that is available to the Syrian doctors, and asks them to find a way to perform the procedures under their more limited, difficult conditions. Yikes!

Bailey is less than impressed with the performance of the new interns lately -- she’s tired of them being so sloppy, especially since Leah left crumbs and pizza sauce all over her laptop! We don’t blame her. But then the situation gets worse when the patients Bailey and Leah operated on start showing up at the hospital with post-op infections... and it turns out it’s because Leah was sick that day but came to work anyway. Doctors never call in sick, right? Wrong!

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC    

Meredith asks Cristina if she will be parent to Zola and Fetus, should something happen to her and Derek. Cristina says of course -- she’ll even hire a league of German nannies to take care of them while she works. But then Meredith realizes she wants a mother for her kids, and Cristina doesn’t want to be a mother. Meredith spends the rest of the day making sure Derek and Cristina know that if she begins to get even the least bit demented, she wants a lethal injection. Cristina jumps at the opportunity, promising, “you had me at lethal injection.” Derek takes another approach and tells her to cut it out.

When Matthew the paramedic wants to introduce April to his mom, she finally spills the beans: she’s not a virgin. Matthew is pretty hurt that she would lie to him like that, and when his mom shows up to pick him up now that he’s being discharged from the hospital, he doesn’t invite April in to meet her. Um, ouch. So she goes a little crazy, and hands off thousands of dollars in equipment to the Syrian doctors without getting approval. We have a feeling this is going to come back and bite her in the you-know-where later.

Ethan’s grandma isn’t able to make it - her flight got canceled, so now he will have to spend the night with social services. Owen tries to get him admitted for another night’s stay instead, but Arizona refuses. A little while later, though, she’s inspired by how the Syrians are working hard to help the kids in their country and quickly changes her mind. Ethan spends another night in peds, and Owen keeps him company.

Credit: Ron Tom/ ABC    

Speaking of Owen, he’s being extra touchy with Cristina and she can’t figure out why. Is it the stress of the chief job and the lack of OR time, or is he actually mad at her?

And on top of all this, everyone is pulling a Bailey and hounding Jackson about their personal projects before the board’s money runs out, especially Callie and Alex. Finally, a very frustrated Jackson says enough is enough and tells them they will have to submit their requests in writing.

In an effort to get Meredith to chill, Derek gets his genome mapping done and presents her with the results: he’s likely to get liver and prostate cancer... and male pattern baldness... and develop a heroin addiction. See, Meredith? These results aren’t 100% accurate. She might be fine. After putting out that fire, Derek also breaks Shane’s heart when he tells him he chose Brooks for his service because she has a natural instinct for neuro that Shane just doesn’t. He advises him to pick another specialty. Aww, poor Shane.

Then a third patient shows up with a post-op infection, and one of the other post-op infections crashes. Bailey bursts into a board meeting infuriated, until Meredith and Leah show up with news: Leah was only present for two of the three infected patients’ surgeries so the common factor isn’t her, it’s... Bailey? Oh no! Owen asks her to sit the rest of the day out, and they now have to call in every patient from that day to be examined.

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